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Julie Kertesz
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Thank you. My jewish grand-fother used to come and ask me (I was not yet 10 at the time) to ask him whatever question. He answered and if he could not "I'll look it up in my books" - No Google yet 70+ years ago. "And did you get what you wanted out of life, even so?" Yes, one of the most important questions, even more for me at 82. Even so... we all experience. And make the best we could and still can is as important. As never stopping asking "And now what new thing I can do want to do, need still to do"?
Such a pleasure when a new team is formed! Not only all came very prepared for our meeting's discussions, but all had wonderful ideas to share that will help all our areas in the division begin on very good foot. We did listen to each other and we are open to listen to all club's new ideas to serve better the new and the experienced toastmasters alike.
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Aug 26, 2011