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Mike Miller
Brighton, England BN1 9RH
An investor and inventor in Brighton, Jullian Preston-Powers is showing a new way to operate in today's world.Preston-Powers does not focus solely on ventures that yield profit, but, rather, has a strong passion for ensuring that the automotive safety sector grows.Sitting at the forefront of the global conversation on transport safety technologies, his compassion for human wellbeing and the safety of children is combined with an industrious attitude and creativity, which yields physical results. Jullian is an expert on diverse subject matter and a brand building specialist; he is willing to work with companies around the world to further their goals.He has been to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for unofficial visits at upwards of 700 lectures, has contributed to the development of many inventions at the University of Sussex, and works with automotive safety departments of institutions around the world in differing capacities.Preston-Powers is a founder of Deep Innovation Group, which contributes products that are used in blast mitigation by military organisations in countries across the globe, and his also led numerous innovative technology projects through his role as CEO of Cool Technologies Ltd.Investors that have been approved are able to contribute financial resources to the diverse transport ventures led by Preston-Powers.Seven investors, led by Richard Phillips, who was formerly boss at Silverstone, have recently invested in a significant project; Preston-Powers made Phillips the chairman of HALO Active Technologies, and the CEO as well. http://www. The most ground breaking idea in the Preston-Powers portfolio is the 'active' motorcycle home helmet, a world's first, and a project spearheaded by HALO Active Technologies.Through thorough research HALO has gained a deep understanding of motorcycle technology, and develops ideas that can do a much better job at protecting riders than anything currently available.The active helmet from HALO was the fruits of a new way of thinking about motorcycle safety.Out of adversity, comes progress. After an incident on the basketball court in which Powers accidentally injured the head of a friend, an ice pack added to the motorcycle helmet ensured a steadier, more level helmet position.The ideas flowed from this experience and Preston-Powers soon came up with HALO technology.Representing experts in the field, University of Illinois researcher Dr. Henry Wang said in 00 that he
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Nov 21, 2015