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I'm normally the "get mad, but slink away quietly and complain bitterly to my husband for an unreasonable amount of time" type of person... but this one time... My local pharmacy had messed something of mine up, so they gave me a stack of coupons for free film developing... I'd used a few of the coupons and then went back into get a few rolls of film developed. The girl behind the counter read the coupon wrong and told me I couldn't use it... so we went back and forth and I got louder and uglier over it. It was plain English and the stupid register girl wouldn't listen to me that she was reading it wrong... BESIDES the fact that I had used the coupon at the same pharmacy on the same film before! We sat there and argued for probably 15 minutes before she finally got the manager and the manager took the coupon. But the girl would NEVER admit that I was right and it STILL makes me mad... I'm getting mad just thinking about it and this lie, probably 12 years ago!!! Looking back, arguing with a minimum wage worker over a stupid coupon was silly,but at the time, it made perfect sense. :)
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Jan 3, 2012