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Junaida Yaacub Jacobsen
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its not easy settling in to foreign land especially when english is not the main language and the culture so different - it will take time, you will look back to these moments with a smile - the upside is that with a baby, you are a magnet for opportunities of new friendships. enjoy the transition !
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yeay! the cat is finally out of the bag! i cant wait to read on up about your journey into motherhood!
Yeayyyy!! hurrah to Morrocan Oil!
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congratulations!!!! congratulations!!!
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dear azura, i love the european english very the much, dont you? nice day you have, June
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i love it! thanks for the intro - see you there!
or...da da dahhhhh...newly in love and dont want their spouses to find out! (oh i do love me some drama!)
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Nov 4, 2011