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martin Ederer
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As always Joe fair balanced and reasonable. Martin Ederer
Great speech Mr. Mayor and I look forward to seeing your ideals framed by policy and realized by actions. Congratulations Joe. Martin Ederer Hen Island summer resident for over 50 years
@Ray How interesting you spent some time with the D.A. Were you being questioned about your part in the the barge fiasco or were you being an up-standing citizen setting the record stright? You are indeed a piece of work
Snarky..Read betwixt the lines and perhaps you will have a better insight
The Hen Islad pest is still directing Rye. Yu may have a awat comming yet "Ray"
Hen Island seems to be suffering from a infestation of a major pest..namly "Ray Tartaglione"
Hay Ray..Perhaps Joe can drive mr Floatie accross the bridge for you
Ray Tartagleone's alter ego "Mr Flotie" is back. Joe since he is your man..give him an ennama to clean up his act. talk about strange bed fellows, squeeky clean Joe and Mr. Flotie.
my goodness rye polotics childhood bathroom stage penis, balls and mr. floatie Very sad too much even for this cynic
Avrage Run utilities under the sound from greenhaven....Bet they would love that...So would the EPA
Toggle Commented Jul 17, 2013 on Rye Beaches Remain Closed at
Here we go again Rye wanabe Tartagleone wants to run Rye ,all its departments ,and its elections. Just because he can't run that run down Island. Let Rye be Rye Mr. wannabe, ask not for whom the bells toll, its for thee
We have heard this dumb song before..good god Ray can you please change the tune.
Challange Ray... Having a hard time??? Pehaps joe could help you
Ha Ha Nothing to stuff...answer please Where do you take star deduction? Do you take off monies you pay to Hen Island on your income tax.. Challange
A few questions for Boss Ray Tartaglione. Do you take your star exemption from your Hen Island site or do you take it from your Portchester residence? If you take it from your Portchester residence then you cannot be a resident of Rye. You cannot take a Star exemption from your Hen Island site, for to do would be illegal and for that matter you cannot deduct from Income tax any monies you paid to Hen Island Corporation, BECAUSE: The land on Hen Island is owned by a non profit corporation. You own shares of stock in that corporation (as do the other people who SUMMER on Hen Island.) You have some sort of agreement to enjoy a place on Hen I. Its like country camp site,which you own and you have an investment in the coporation that owns the land. You pay no taxes.. the corporation pays the tax. "Carpet bagger...go vote in Rye and I am sure it will be rightfully challanged.
Boss Ray already running the city of Rye. You own Joe Sack and you may have to buy the Democratic candidate for Mayor. Citizen of Rye are you, even when you have your MAIN residence elsewhere.
Hail Rye's new party boss St Raymond himself...Emm who shall he sponsor for Mayor... Joe Sack???? Stay tuned
"Everyone except Joe Sack.." Very interesting Perhaps Ray may have to buy the the Democtatic party nomonee for Mayor.. emm the citizen from portchester up to his arm pits in Rye government
Ray You are not the father to spank onyone,s "Cooley" one sick puppy..get a life and get help
Criss Ray is beyond name calling..he is truly unstable..."he is assured by Fed Court" gives you his mind set. The threat the councilman is said with such sickening Glee. Roumor has it he also carries a sidearm (which I think is legal) With all that anger and hate I am getting concerned.
Ugh what a sick puppy you are Ray.
Wonderful Hill V. You are a great example of the goats being led by wicked witch of Portchester.....
jim sweet talker...voice of reason tr4y using ad rem
And now you support Joe Sack..intersting Not ad your postings
Each transgression must have a scapegoat and each scapegoat requires a witch hunt by individuals to carry out a personal agenda. Raymond J. Tartagleone the witch of Portchester leading the way for the Goats.