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Justin Cusack
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I don't think anyone really understands the point of the article, maybe not even the writer. I think this all can be simplified down to one issue. The real reason most atheists try to explain that god doesn't exist is not because he doesn't(believe me, he doesn't), it's because religion is actively causing harm to their way of life, and they won't just let that happen without a fight. An example of this is the way that religion is effecting gay marriage, the belief is not wrong or right, it's just a belief and if your not trying to get married to someone else who is of the same sex then you have no moral or legal right to effect what happens to people who are you can believe all you want i could care less, just show us the same respect and let us do and believe what we want as well, i mean i'm not gay or anything but the fact is that if i were i would have less rights, and that is something i regard as an attack on me personally. Atheist's look at the issue and they go with their primal urge to take religion out of the picture by disproving it, this is not the answer. People will believe whatever they want and seriously, who cares if it doesn't match up with your own personal beliefs, what we should really be doing as atheist's(and even religious people) is fight the people that want to control our behaviors and personal beliefs out of ignorance.
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Sep 26, 2011