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Amercia the beautiful! It seems Romney's app team has taken spelling lessons for the tea party. Only in Amercia!!
Dori's boy Ted in the news again! Makes you wonder about Dori . . . he digs Paris Hilton, coaches high school girls basketball, and has high regard for Ted. Could it be that Dori is a pedophile too?
Hey JimF you appear to be a proud member of the tea party. I'm happy for you! I might suggest spell check and a dictionary for your future posts. They are your friends!
I know this piece is satire but I have believed for years he is a pedophile. He has a thing for pretty young things like Paris Hilton, he cruises in his car past midnight, and has talked about being approached by young ladies on Lake City Way. I have no doubt he will make a mistake someday and the truth will come out.
One thing that is consistent with the GOP and Tea Party is how an award, like a Nobel or an Edward R. Murrow Award, will lead to the dismissing of the recipient. Job well done Mr. Ross and justly deserved.
Toggle Commented Jun 18, 2011 on Dave Ross wins two more murrows at BlatherWatch
Dancing Crab YES! For a great sub try The Italian Store in Arlington (Lyon Village I think).
Toggle Commented May 16, 2011 on The blather goes to washington at BlatherWatch
What is the date today?
Re: Puget Sound ... It is funny as heck to hear outrage that the State Department is an offshoot of spy's-r-us. It has been that for years and decades, not a earthshaking revelation. But certainly go ahead and see what kind of traction it gets.
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2010 on Whither KTTH? is dave boze toast? at BlatherWatch
I'd be interested to see the ratings this week. I'm not fond of John Curley but I also didn't tune in another station after 10 minutes. My biggest complaint about Dori is his terrorism stance ... example being, several times he stated you are with us or against us. I love it when some guy who sits in his lovely office and home tells me how to feel about September 11th. I'm sorry Dori, I lived it since my apartment was 2 miles from the Pentagon. I had tears in my eyes when I crossed over the Key Bridge going home that afternoon when I saw the smoke rising. My world changed ... the next morning, on 9-12 teabaggers, every traffic light had National Guard, Military, or Police stationed. And on the 1st 4th of July after, Patriot missiles was deployed in several spots in DC and Arlington. So Dori, don't tell me how to feel ... I lived it every day for 3 years.
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2010 on It's come to this... at BlatherWatch
Personally I feel that Mr. Brian Suits has an anger issue. I will flat out say that I think both incidents were Mr. Suits beating his wife.
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Jun 11, 2010