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Actually, it's hilarious that you think he had no part in the invention of any of those products, OS and GUI included. You don't need to be a spark plug manufacturer to design a car and you don't need to build a piece of code to design an OS. The fact is that Steve took all of the little pieces created by talented engineers (talent that he himself recognized) and found ways to put all of those pieces together to build things. These ideas DID spring from his forehead, not as inventions but as practical designs that could be used in the real world. It boggles my mind when "internet commentor #5722" tries to discredit something that nearly every giant in the technology industry're just wrong, basically.
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That's the thing about people who try to justify themselves by giving credit to how much they they think they know about something...especially when their knowledge comes from the hive mind of the blogosphere.
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Oct 11, 2011