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Never trust someone with no imagination.
no thanks. I don't want to be THAT social about what I watch. Do people really care how often I watch and rewatch the Office (or how many times my boys watch Wonder Pets?).
how about no.
As a side note, when companies like Sony (STARZ) that had a off-switch trigger for number of online subs, splitting the DVD and Streaming into 2 plans (much less 2 companies) reduces the number of streaming subscribers automatically since before this, there was no DVD only subscriber. (not that this means we will automatically get SONY movies back).
I still think that while this was a bad PR move (horrible communication), long term this is the correct move for the company (if it wants to be streaming only). Why is the new name and site of Qwikster unrelated to Netflix? Because soon it will not even be owned by Netflix. They aren't letting DVD die a slow death with them, they are preparing an entirely new company to be either spun off or bought out by someone else (with its own fully functional web domain!). Netflix also would no longer have to deal with the DVD conversation being any type of issue in the licensing agreements with content companies (which was its own kind of bad PR). I'm not saying there won't be challenges ahead after the horrible PR, but I think that I have had the same movie sitting on my shelf for a month and am mailing it back as the last rental from the DVD side. The streaming side gets bashed all the time for its "horrible" selection, but truth be told, I have never run out of things to watch. Its just a different beast now than when it was about getting the latest new release (for which I can get codes to get cheap and free at Redbox when I am in the grocery).
this is more like when theyrenew NBC content and add a few new movies/seasons. I am sure there was no PR splash intended wiht this (but there better be a BIG one coming SOON!).
Again, these are already on Netflix (most of them for SURE) and have been for a long time. This is not news and is probably a VERY cheap deal to keep streaming. You don't have to wait, go watch them now!
Qwikster is going to be (HAS TO BE right?) sold. No other reason for a separate website with zero integration.
Ummm..... these were already streaming (not that I watched them, I swear!)
This does mean more deals. If you have a problem with not getting current season content (of which I have seen little more than a few Disney channel shows), but still get tons of library content (which is what folks are looking for from the Disney they grew up with), then this is no problem, but a blessing as Disney realizes Netflix can help monetize content that perhaps doesn't have a strong DVD market and perhaps needs to be re-discovered by a new generation. As for artificial scarcity, Disney has more in the market than they have in "The Vault".
Too bad the UI is so slow too load (for me anyway). I used the link to the old WI page and it loads SO quickly and it is easy to add things to the queue and check out the rating (and read the darn title!). The new UI is wasted over-programming in my eyes.
Walmart acquired Vudu in March of 2010. Walmart OWNS Vudu.
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May 12, 2011