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just john
Poughkeepsie, NY
Electronic musician, etc., online since '89.
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I dunno. Maybe if you had that old arm-with-tats banner on top of the page, I might buy into your having an influence, but this current format is just too bland.
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2011 on Timing Is Everything at Attackerman
So this is the new place? Neat. Literally. Not all that FDL stuff all over. And I already have a typepad account, it seems. All systems go! On to 2011!
Toggle Commented Dec 30, 2010 on Welcome to Attackerman 3.0 at Attackerman
elizabeth: Let's see if I can remember this Peanuts comic correctly. Schroeder sings a note and hits a piano key, which plays a note. He goes to Charlie Brown, who's watching TV. Schroeder: I've got perfect pitch! Charlie Brown: You mean A perfect pitch. And who cares? Baseball season is months away. Schroeder stomps away. Schroeder: Sometimes I feel like putting in a transfer to another comic strip.
I've always described Sloan as Canada's well thought-out answer to the Beatles. And regarding steroids: Sure steroids, but are they steroids FROM HELL? From Hell ON ACID?
Damn, if only we'd known this before giving women the vote! Think of all the trouble we'd have saved!
Let's not forget Camper Van Beethoven's Tania from their Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart album (whose title also refers to the song.)