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Across the board and for each match, have they even fielded 50-60% of their regular starters in teh competition?
the term "lol" is rarely used when it's literal but I actually laughed out loud after reading/observing the imagine again. Well done, Lisa, well done.
Table set for Caleb Porter to be fast-tracked to the senior/first team national duty once Klinsmann steps down (or potentially steps up into a higher role within the federation) in the future? Either way, I like both selections. Good things, good things...
Would love to see him go to Everton.
Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2011 on Report: Everton, Wigan eyeing John at Soccer By Ives
I'm also curious how that was spin? Listen, it's possible to be honest, at times critical but still maintain a reasonable perspective. Far too many people on here disregard any opinion that isn't lavishing praise on Bob Bradley or his son, for that matter. Both polarizing sides are ridiculous. There IS a gray area with valid points.
agreed. feel like I'm watching the same game, every week, regardless of league/competition.
Irrelevant as they always are.
Man City seem to be pretty happy right now.
I'm with you but the reality is our weekend long tournament (ie MLS Cup) trumps all else, unfortunately.
One of my favorite posts I've ever read on SBI, lol. Just a simple question mark to this Redbulls (non)move in retaining Backe. Hilarious as it basically sums up everyones thoughts.
Aguero giving the ole' Trollface to Tevez on the bench.
Apparently both of Hans Backe's daughters are getting married. One (his eldest/second favorite) is getting married this fall, while the other is getting married in the summer. Word is he's sending his assistant coaches & reserve players to attend the eldest daughters wedding in the fall. When asked, he said it was so that he can focus on his other (youngest/favorite) daughters wedding in the summer.
It's certainly an evolving tournament in structure. What's debatable is how (close or) far away they are from getting it correct. Though, "correct" is a relative term in itself.
Ok guy. Like I said. We'll see where Becks is playing in April. You stopped just short of a guarantee that it'll be for PSG and I definitely said he'll still be within MLS. As for the USA/France match, I heard speculation about that without even paying attention to the rumor mill. Are you trying to apply to SBI? Are you seeking a reference? That statement just seems like a fan of an indie band that tells everyone they "knew who they were before anyone else11!!" after hearing them reach the Top 40 on the Billboard Charts. No one cares, bro. If so, calling out your peers as clueless on an obvious statement of hyperbole and projecting an image like you have inside information because it happens to be involving "your club" just comes off has trying too hard. Nice job cracking the case though, Sherlock. Too bad you were deep in the line of speculation that had already surfaced.
Bedoya: Did Not Dress ........Injured?
Toggle Commented Oct 17, 2011 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
Can you score goals? Answer: YES HE CAN. YES HE CAN. get the idea.
Toggle Commented Oct 17, 2011 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
a whole 2 minutes. #NextBigThing
Toggle Commented Oct 17, 2011 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
You're suggesting the implementation of logic to the playoff discussion? You must be one of those "Eurosnobs" (sarcasm) I've read a lot about today on SBI since you're suggesting the system isn't correct.
Well, one things for sure, one of us will be wrong come April. (hint: it won't be me =P...or I owe you a drink. however, if you're incorrect - you must state that you're "clueless" once in every post for a week I'm exempt since I'm already "clueless").
What a difference it makes with SKC having their own stadium and some home games on the schedule #TWOSEASONSINONE
our entire league isn't exempt from that suggestion, maka. in time...
I apologize that I don't recognize your name from the SBI boards but I will make a mental note now. Come April in Beckam's case, or even say one year from now for both stories, let's see where Beckham is plying his trade and how close (likely far to non-existent) this supposed abolishment of promotion/relegation is. ...and remember you said it was I, that was "so clueless". Stand by your intellectual assessment of my opinion, and I'll stand by mine. Hope you're still around these boards in a year.