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trying to get my head around this term. you've got 100x more experience and context than I do in the "ad tech" space. if I'm asking something too 101, any pointers you have would be great. I get the definition you provide. what I'm not understanding is your point around "immediate" and how the broker of a transaction that takes something from marketA, and "immediately" resells it in marketB, *doesn't* clear a gain. if I buy something from Joe at X, and immediately turn around and sell it to Jane at X*2. my margin is a resulting X. maybe I just answered my own question. arbitrage games/models by adtech firms are indeed all about the buy from marketA, and the sale on marketB. the games/models being entirely about what you do inbetween those two moments. you want to buy an ad (or placement) at the lowest price from marketA, and "quickly" find the biggest spread for sale in marketB.
can still taste that Pomme Marshmallow
Wayfare was indeed fun/good! Roam was great (would like one in Boulder)! La Boulange was deadly good (would like one in Boulder). Not sure how you refrain from true gluttony considering you spend a month out there.
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Aug 3, 2010