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I said some mean things about Algeria and Slovenia yesterday that I regret. However, I have to say that Italy did not show up for this tournament and can only blame themselves for losing out.
A big FU to Algeria for not coming to play today. Why would you sit back and be happy with a draw. You need to win...duh! And FU to Slovenia. You know that disallowed goal was good and your players said refereeing had nothing to do with that game. You don't deserve to move on. USA!
Feilhaber looked lost. Given Torres' solid play, Bob should have taken Bedoya instead of an out of form Benny. Other than that, I'm very pleased with Findley. He looks like CD9 lite out there.
The fact that the announcement will be made tomorrow at 1 pm ET shows that Bob pretty much has his mind made minus a couple spots. The first hint will be tonight when he announces his 23 man roster for the game. Any fringe players not on that list are as good as gone.
Probably Beasley, Gomez and Buddle in that order. Beasley's form will determine what happens to Bedoya, there's a chance one but not both go. It may come down to one forward spot between Gomez and Buddle and their individual performances will go a long way to determining if one or both goes.
video of elbow?
I like your list, it's actually the 23 I would pick. But there's a difference between what we want and who Bradley will pick. We'll find out in about 10 days.
Although I like all of these mids to go, I just don't see it. no one brings 10 mids to a world cup, why would we? That would mean you'd have to bring 7 defenders and 3 strikers. Could happen, but Bob is pretty conservative. He rates Brian Ching and likes the hold up abilities he brings. If anything, it will be Altidore, Ching and either Buddle/Johnson or Gomez, possibly both from Buddle/Johnson and Gomez. Even if he only brings three strikers and considers Dempsey or Donovan a striker, he probably won't take only 7 defenders. Between injuries and possible cards, he needs another body. Yes, Edu can play CB, but do you want a converted MF playing there in a World Cup? Maybe in a pinch, but that's not ideal. I'd love to see us go 7 def, 10 mf's and 3 strikers, but if it doesn't make sense to me, I'm sure it makes even less sense to Bob. I think one of (and possibly two of) Feilhaber, Beasley, Bedoya and Torres possibly missing the plane.
I think the biggest story is who will potentially get cut in the following battles: Feilhaber vs. Torres Beasley vs. Bedoya I like all of them, but Feilhaber hasn't been playing all that well or much of late, same with Beasley. Does Bob go with pedigree or form? We'll see.
I agree. He shouldn't just shoe in Feilhaber, Beasley, to name a couple. I for one hope Torres and Bedoya both make it to S.A. I'm worried Bradley will take the former two over the latter two.
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So does this mean Clint is on his way back to the States ahead of camp?
We need to steel ourselves for the possibility that Davies won't be selected to the camp.
Jozy will have to do some soul searching after this season at Hull. Hopefully, he turns it into a positive by working hard in camp and playing well in the WC. He has to realize Hull won't want him (and it's probably mutual) so he's back to trying to impress other clubs again. Rebound from this, Jozy!
a number of fans don't like Ching but Bob does and that's what counts. Actually, I would not be surprised if Bob takes Casey before Buddle if Ching can't go because they are both target forward types.
Pretty straightforward to me if I'm Bob. If Davies is 80% or better in terms of health, he goes. Altidore goes. Two more spots left. If Ching is healthy, he goes. Bob likes a traditional hold up target forward. One spot left. Gomez or Buddle. Buddle is in a similar mold to Altidore, so I'd lean Gomez, he can fill in for Davies, esp if Davies can't go or to come off bench for CD. I think the only way Buddle goes is if Ching or Davies can't go.
How many goals in how many games for Gomez now? Is it 10 in 14 games or something like that?? Wow.
this looks about right. I think if Beasley doesn't get PT he will be left off. Bedoya's stock is steadily rising. If we take 8 instead of 9 mids I would expect to see 4 "true forwards": Altidore, Davies, Gomez and Ching or Casey. This would move Dempsey back to being listed as a mid.
I have a feeling Ching will miss out due to his injury, just a hunch. I wonder if Edson Buddle has/will do enough to actually earn a call up in May? That would be interesting. I do think Pearce might get a call for the camp, and I wonder how Bob feels about Clark. He hasn't played first team football in a while. It looks like Jones' ship has sailed but we can't close the door completely on that. He may make some miraculous recovery and start running again in a couple of weeks, who knows?
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