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@BB - A lot of your statements are just as much generalizations and just as weak as the arguments of those you criticize. A good example being the "low self-esteem" generalization. Read "Candy Girl" by Diablo Cody. Great example of a stripper who doesn't pigeon-hole so well. I'm sure some strippers have self-esteem issues, but I'm also sure that some don't. As far as objectification goes, that's fairly obviously the point. The genre of these establishments is "strip club". In other words, the idea is to go there to view nudity. The strippers themselves use pseudonyms and not their real names. It's not possible to do anything but objectify these people unless a patron could wheedle personal information out of them. Would the dancers be ok with us using their real names and giving real bio's on them? Seems unlikely. So in other words, in this particular role, most strippers would probably prefer to be objectified. How does that fit in with our characterization of strippers as being victimized? And what about sexism? I've noticed that we haven't broached the subject of male strippers. A small enough subset that it's irrelevant? Making that claim makes these arguments quite a bit thinner ... The real question is whether objectification is inherently bad. Framing the question is the fact that every person who took employment as a stripper knew they would be objectified. So if objectifying someone is inherently bad, even when they know they're being objectified and being paid for it, then strip clubs should be shut down. But it seems likely that we you walked into a strip club and asked every stripper if we should shut the place down, most if not all would say no. Would we shut them down anyway and claim that we know better than they do what's good for them? Point being- It's not a black and white issue. Would I want my daughter to go to work as a stripper? No. Did I do things my parents did approve of? Yes. Do I feel bad about all those actions? Some yes, some no. As with most any question of ethics/morality, the waters are murky.
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No one ever seems to consider 2 factors to shaving ... first, a guy might just like the appearance of vagina (I know I do ... feels more naked somehow) which a big bush hides, and second, it dramatically improves oral sex. It's simply easier and more pleasant to have oral sex with a woman whose bush you don't have to fight off. Obviously these goals can be accomplished with some selective trimming, such as a landing strip, so brazilian isn't truly necessary. Also, there are gonna be folks with different preferences out there, and of course that's fine. But just because I like a bare woman doesn't mean I'm out there hunting 10 year olds. Get over yourselves, people.
Toggle Commented Dec 5, 2010 on Shaving Time at Seven Days Blogs: Mistress Maeve
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Dec 5, 2010