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Mental Health Advocate, Swim Official, Runner, Foodie, Mom
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Love this! 1 - That my 7th grader so thoroughly embraces the adventure that is Junior High. I was petrified at this stage of life, so I am in awe of how much she loves it, and am so grateful for it. 2 - That for the first time in my life, I feel physically fit. I've been up and down the scale before, but never involved exercise, and now that I do exercise regularly, I realize how empowering it is. 3 - That I found a way to participate in my daughter's sport without being in her way or being a "stage mom." She and I both get so much more out of it now. 4 - That my other daughters are getting the help they need, and hopefully they will have the skills they need to help them face adulthood. 5 - That it's almost pumpkin spice time. Come on, pumpkin spice! I've been waiting for you for soooo long!
We used to go several times a year, and sat at field level. I watched every single game I couldn't attend, followed the team religiously. But learning that the McCourts siphoned our hard earned money from the team for their own ridiculously lavish lifestyles while they cheaped out on the team's best interests was enough for me to decide we would not attend a game, purchase a single Dodger item, nor would we watch a game on TV until the team is sold. Don't forget, he actually said he didn't have to spend good money on players because this wasn't a strong division, and all he had to do to keep fans in the park was make the playoffs, he really never cared if they were true contenders. They make me sick. Until OUR team is out of their hands, the only way I can show my love for them is to boycott. The saddest part is knowing that this is Vin's last year, and most likely my boy Andre's. I just hope Frank augers in quickly, so at least I can see some boys in blue before the end of the season.
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