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There is a meditative therapy from Osho called Mystic Rose. It's a three week process, the first week of which is three consecutive hours each day of laughing (the second week is crying, and the third week, sitting in silence). No talking is allowed, so starting out with "ha, ha, ha" is the usual way. I've done the process twice, in a group of 20 - 30 people. It's almost impossible not to start laughing when you begin with HA. By the end of the week, my tummy hurt so badly, but I felt like I'd let go of a heap of tension.
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This is one I constantly bump up against myself - sharing EEM with others and being told they don't have time to do it. I am going to start offering compassion to my self in this way. Pushing against a wall or trying to reason with logic never does help. This is something I can do to turn it around and help myself. Thanks.
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Lyn, I really like the glitchy computer program analogy. I'm always looking for new ways to describe how energy works in the body. Thanks for a great article.
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I always found it hard to connect with the name Darth Vader Breath, having never seen the Star Wars movies (am I the only one?). I really like "Dragon Breath". Empowering and completely visceral.
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Yes, Angela, I do have local clients for both massage and energy medicine. Sometimes my tourist clients have turned into local clients when they decided they liked Sedona so much that they moved here!
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Jun 4, 2011
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May 24, 2011