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Erik, In general, I am referring to domain modeling (DM) in the sense of UML is a more specific example with Enterprise Architect being a decent implementation. In MVC terms, this tool can be used to define and even pre-populate the Model using the class diagram feature. You could think of AtomPub as a basic approximation of an HTTP MVC Controller, with LDA starting to fill in the blanks: XML Schema is careless about some important aspects of modeling, so let's assume an RDF perspective. (My resident RDF expert is out for a few days, so bear with me as I try to channel him.) Roughly speaking, an RDF "subject" would map to a DM "instance", an RDF "object" would map to a DM "attribute value" or "instance in an associated class", and an RDF "predicate" would map to a DM "attribute type" or "association name". In the context of Linked Data (i.e. the Web), a DM "instance" maps to a Real World Object and the DM attributes and associations can be used to algorithmically produce a variety of negotiable Web document representations (in say RDF/XML, N3, JSON, HTML, etc.) describing the Real World Object in a model-neutral way. I know that the RDF world would love to suck up all the triples they need from a minimum number of Web Documents, but note that I'm suggesting otherwise so that a generic View mechanism can be implemented. For example, the default RDF for an instance of a class in an arbitrary model would only contain the attributes and associations that are directly attached (i.e. have that RWO URI as the "subject" or "object" in the triple). This doesn't mean that an RDF representation that includes more of the graph *can't* be produced, just that this option would require a class-specific MVC View implementation and that making this available is ultimately just a network efficiency maneuver. Hmm. This is starting to look more like a blog entry than a comment. Still, though, you asked the right questions which is half the battle. Jeff
Toggle Commented May 16, 2009 on REST and RDF Granularity at dretblog