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He sounds like a pusher: "Just try a little heroin. You can quit anytime you want to."
Sorry, but I hope to be at a playoff game at Hampden-Sydney on that day.
Of course, ridicule is about the only thing Democrats use these days. It's so much easier (and sadly, more effective) than logic or reason.
Boy, that's for sure. What does he mean, "have to tolerate"? What he should have said was "should celebrate." I hate the gutless.
Interesting example in Megan Fox. Why in the world would any attractive woman --- and I am excepting those for whom it could not do much more damage --- scar herself with a tattoo? Why would any real man be interested in a woman of that sort? Why would any real woman tolerate a man so lacking in gonads?
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Great post. I just finished reading a book called "Maxims for Men." As it is both humorous and uncompromising on the foibles of men, my testosterone-poisoned wife (me; two sons) is currently reading it, and laughing her posterior off.
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They had to do that. Unless circumstances change, and unless RPV has some power of which I am unaware (a la the imbroglio over the GOP nominee for Governor in Alaska in 1998), Hamilton IS the GOP nominee in his district. He is therefore ENTITLED to that recognition.
Very cool! I want toys like this!
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I would suggest, dear Kat, that you're confusing rationalizations with validation (and I assume that you're speaking in the nonspecific "we"). One may rationalize their sins without asking that they be declared something other than sin. That is a ... perversion, if you will, peculiar to the radical homosexual lobby, and others on the far Left.
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VJP and I are of one mind on this subject.
Dems are welcome to him. What a maroon!
Kat, while I agree that the judge is wrong, and perhaps it's the lawyer in me speaking, but I don't think its fair to say that she "has a history of ignoring the law." And I speak as one who has gotten plenty of district court judges reversed on appeal.
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