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Steve, thanks for taking such a thoughtful look at this through your leadership lens. Up until now, I've seen this discussed mainly as an online versus offline social action issue, but as you demonstrate, it's much broader than that. I am also grateful to Gladwell for opening up this can of (whatever) with comparisons and arguments that, more than anything else I've seen him write, begged rebuttal. I'm a long-time marketing practitioner and as a result a rather inevitable pragmatist about media. It's ironic be characterized along with my co-author, Jennifer Aaker as a Social Media Evangelist for writing The Dragonfly Effect. It makes me think he didn't read past the midpoint of our book where we address The Dark Side of Social Media. Here's our post on the subject: The thoughtful discussion that has followed Gladwell's article has reaffirmed my confidence in the social web as not just a place for temporal discourse, but well-considered, diverse thought, too. I particularly appreciate your insight into the role of storytelling in separating successful from unsuccessful leaders. It's the observation of simple, underutilized tools like these, and the knowledge that putting them all together would result in something powerful and useful that caused us to write The Dragonfly Effect. Thanks again for expanding the scope of the discourse, Steve.
Such a powerful way to redirect the kind and indulgent energy aimed at us on our birthdays - and for dusting off and revisiting the whole concept of birthdays for those of us over 21! I look forward to the experiment and to meeting you in the PoST class.
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Jan 7, 2010