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Concerned citizen, There are many factors involved in the whole picture beyond just one extreme or another... The fact is that we do not live in a world that has only good or only evil. We have had MANY attrocities on our planet caused my man against man for many millenia and it's not promising to stop any time soon... After things from crucifixions to human sacrifices (sometimes of people's own babies) to the Mongolians threading ropes through the hands of Chinese women and hanging them from their ships to the inquisition to the holocaust and even the eugenics movement in the west which FORCED sterylization on numerous people without their personal consent... aphartheid for years in South Africa... medical experimentation without consent by both the nazis and the Japanese in WWII... and many other things... a person would have to be extremely naiive to believe that EVERYONE in the whole picture is always well-meaning... Instead, we have a mix... We have the sincere and well-meaning folk who have a clue what's going on and know the system well and challenge it when needed. We have those in the first part of that category, but are afraid of the repercussions of what people might do to them if they dare to stand up and question. After all, whistle blower protection clauses wouldn't even have to exist if there wasn't bullying from above towards those who expose the truth about a given situation. We also have those who are well-meaning and may or may not have a clue what's going on to at least some degree, but put so much faith in the system that they fail to question when questioning SHOULD be done because they so blindly trust their peers that they think just because they only desire good and no harm towards people that everyone else thinks that way too. (That's an extremely blind westerners' mindsets that those of us who've lived beyond that and have a clue in this world realize is on the extreme of naiivity). That doesn't mean we should look at everyone around us as if they're out to do us harm because that can lead to the opposite extremes. While there are many "conspiracy theories" out there, there are sometimes some conspiracies that really are there. There are people in this world who really are only out for "me and mine" and will do whatever it takes to get there. 2 words for you on the self-promoting arrogant and destructive nature when taken to an extreme: North Korea... The human rights violations there are extreme... However, most w/ self-ambition don't go quite to that extreme and they hide it better. If you knew the half of what's going on in NK, you'd realize that what those who question vaccine safety are speaking up on (and not all who question vaccine safety are 100% anti-vaccine... They're often more concerned that vaccines be examined on an individual basis to determine the safety, efficacy and necessity level of each and to see which ones would or would not be beneficial for any given child). Don't know if you've ever seen "Hotel Rwanda", but that was not some sort of "conspiracy theory" or Hollywood gore... It was a documentary of stuff that REALLY HAPPENED. There are those in this world (even some in the west) who still have variations on the eugenics philosophy strongly influencing them. There are even those who are focussed on the concept of "de-population"... some more openly and some more subtly than others... There are those focused on a one-world gov't and control (If you don't believe me, investigate the UN's Agenda 21... which includes a mixture of good and evil in their approach). People with such ambitions do have their ways of rising to places of authority and influence... and will say and do what's needed on the surface to accomplish what they want... even if it means they need to seem nice at least on the surface to convince people to comply with their ways... Not everyone's like that, but enough of such people rise to authority that we do need to be aware and not blind to it. (I have 2 words for you: Communinist Revolutions... They have a history of making great promises on the surface and then leaving the people in a bigger mess than what they started with wanting to be free from) China is forcing women into abortions and forcibly sterylizing them... This is a major human rights violation... and people like Hilary Clinton and some westerners not only accept it, but actively assist and promote what's being done to some degree or another. The pawns of those who have these wild agendas, but have been pacified and manipulated to think that those w/ the evil intentions actually mean good and are doing a service to the world and actively promote what's being done without having the full information. Thus, they think they're doing good when they're actually contributing to destruction. There are those who do what they're told just because that's what's expected of them. There are those whose love of money or fame or power is so strong that it warps their sense of right and wrong and makes it fuzzy. In the West, people expect some degree of at least perceived moral behaviour, so those bent on personal gain and/or the destruction of others in our modern society have to put on a nice face and have good PR in order for others to play along w/ their schemes and not realize what they're doing until it's too late. There are all sorts... Not all good and not all extremely and frighteningly scary... As someone whose relative was murdered by someone who wanted to know what it felt like to kill somebody and had that as one of his goals in life, I realize all too well that this world is a mixed up place with a huge mix of people on many levels of the positive and negative spectrum... I had an En. student (am an ESL teacher) who is a trained dr. and left a drug company after having seen things that were very concerning to him in how things were handled and pushed/promoted to dr.s when he was living and working in the States. He's not anti-medicine. He's just aware that not every way that things are done in such circles is above board. If you wish to have a reality check, I recommend getting out of the western bubble and having a bigger look. Then you can even see the destruction that some westerners do in some other countries and pass off as progress. Yes, doctors know many things... Some diligently check things out for themselves and should be commended for such and some just know what they've been told... and that changes over the years... When my parents were young, doctors were CONVINCED that formula feeding was somehow superior and more scientific than breastfeeding infants and that breastfeeding was somehow disgusting and socially and scientifically inferior... Granny didn't breastfeed her children. Grandma was TOLD by her dr. not to even try breastfeeding (I think she eventually started w/ her 3rd or 4th child, but I'm not sure). Now we know otherwise. There's a LOT in the industrial medical models of how things are done that are not always scientifically sound. Just because the industry promotes something doesn't always mean it's a good model to follow. "Scientific" research studies are often biased and twisted in the field as well... even in the west... naturally since that's where the funding is and people vying for funding for their research will seek out what they can get funding for.
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Feb 27, 2011