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I can't believe I missed the release of this! I've waited for years. Please man, get a facebook or twitter! Just Kidding. Can't wait! I've been looking forward to this for ever
Happy Easter to you, Mr. Devereaux! Santa Claus Conquers The Homophones is still my annual Easter reading.
So very exciting! This will make it easier to get new friends into the series. I really hope this is leading up to the 3rd installment! ;) Can't wait to see if any other holidays get in on all the excitement lol
Great bargain for getting new people into the Santa series! Hope you had a great Halloween! Hmm, wonder how Santa and the Easter Bunny celebrate Halloween lol
Happy Easter! I read the Easter delivery chapter from "Santa Claus Conquers The Homophobes" every year. Thanks for showing people the true reason for the season
Can't wait. Even more I can't wait for Santa Claus Chronicles Part 3!
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Apr 9, 2011