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Kai Rawson
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I have been running midsole cleats for 3-4 years, with no plans to change them any time soon. I started with a redrilled old pair of MTB shoes, on which I cut a clear space in the rubber, exposing the nylon midsole, and mounted the 2 bolt SPD SH51 cleat directly to that. As you mention Joe, that leaves a lot to be desired in terms of X axis (roll) stability. Swapping in the SH70 cleat with the plastic wings definitely will improve matters considerably. There is still a fair bit of free play between cleat and pedal though with that setup. Later I swapped to Bebops too, and they were definitely an improvement at first. I had used Speedplay in the past, so the "pedaling on ice" feeling was familiar, and I re-adapted without much issue. The metal on metal cleat pedal interface does start to get a little slop in it over time, and it is more noticeable than on a traditional road pedal. They also are not a great pedal for sprinting, in that they can pre-release,especially with worn cleats, but this isn't much of an issue for steady state efforts. My current setup is a re-drilled Shimano road shoe, with Speedplay cleats. You could probably fit the Speedplay 4 bolt drilling pattern onto the outline of these soles, as they are pretty wide through the arch area, however I have the rear forefoot area redrilled to accept the Speedplay aluminum baseplate (Part number 13330) which allow greater rearward offset to the cleats relative to the 3 bolt pattern. When used as intended, in the stock drilling holes, they wont get you to a full arch position, but by re-drilling the back forefoot area to move the adapter back on the sole, and then getting the additional offset of the cleat on the adapter, you can hit the arch with the cleat itself.
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2014 on Midsole Cleats and Pedals at Joe Friel
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Nov 16, 2014