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If a black woman from the south side of Chicago had forged prescriptions and stolen drugs from a children's charity she would have been jailed and forever branded as a felon. Somehow Cindy McCain, a wealthy white woman married to a powerful U.S. Senator, managed to skirt around the punishment that would have been given out to everyone else. Talk about a double standard. Can you just imagine where the media would be with this if it were Michelle Obama?! This is the American double standard that is found everywhere, and that so many people are oblivious of. The character of the candidates is reflected in their marriage and marriage partner. If find it incredible that John and Cindy McCain lied to each other about their ages when they met, and only found out the truth when they went to file for a marriage license! If they would be so deceitful with each other in this most intimate and personal relationship, imagine how honest they are with the American public they hope to lead! Character (or lack thereof) drives policy decisions. The McCains are downright SCARY! By contrast, the Obamas appear to have a genuine positive regard and affection for each other that is not easily faked. Their easy camaraderie and gracefulness is an indication of an emotional maturity and decency that will do a lot in helping take this country in a more positive direction. Hope and optimism vs. fear and negativity. There's really only one choice!