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Don't feel guilty for being truthful! I don't really recycle either. Unless I'm at home -- in which case, I leave things out and I'm pretty sure Aaron recycles for me. I'm going to try to write this down as eloquently as I can -- but, your posts make me feel young. Not to say that you're old... but young in a naive, immature way because of the things that you seem capable of jotting down on the internet for everyone to see them. I try to be as open as I can be, but I still hold some things really close, and I think it's amazing and, well... awesome that you can just write these things down. That is all.
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Apr 5, 2010
I like blogs, but I never keep up with them (see mine). I think you're pretty normal, or at least normal by my definition... which is probably pretty skewed. Random answers to your possibly rhetorical questions: Yes I occasionally eat full tubs of ice cream at night (depends on my mood). No, I never yell at Aaron; bitch at him... maybe. I weigh a terrifying 192lbs. I say I weigh that same amount. I promise myself that I will lose 20. (luckily it's all in my boobs, hips, and butt). I rarely lose my temper. My emotions tend to go inward and I just curl up somewhere and cry... even when I'm really angry. I am about 81% real. I try not to fake too much. I pretend to be calmer, smarter, and more mature than I am... depending on who I'm with. I should totally make that list too. I'm Carolyn. We should hang out more.
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Apr 5, 2010