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Kathy Mc
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Having attended the Aug 2010 Stand Up Boot Camp workshop at the World famous Comedy Store in LA as an observer and non participant, I feel I can voice my opinion on the subject. First of all, I am not a stand up comic. Yes, throughout my life I have had the desire and dream to try my hand at this career. I have attended hundreds of comedy shows, watched countless hours of comedy TV, movies and spent lots time with folks who perform comedy. Perhaps this exposure is why my daughter is actively seeking a career in the business of laughter. She is immensely funny, intelligent, and hardworking. I swear she has been doing stand up since her stage was a crib mattress. In high school she refused to get a job and instead rented halls in Legions, VFW’s, and various rooms in order to sell tickets and stage comedy shows. She has been truly ambitious and dedicated to realizing her aspirations. I am glad to see my desire and dream has manifested itself in her life and I have supported her efforts 100%. This brings me to Comedy Boot Camp in Minneapolis in March 2010. I pushed her to attend that event. She also thought that “funny can’t be taught” and many of her friends told her they thought it was a rip-off and she would gain nothing by attending. They steadfastly stuck by their guns and refused to support her participation; frankly many of them were rude and hateful because she chose to follow my “non-professional” advice in their chosen industry. On the first day of that Mpls. Boot Camp, Louie Anderson recognized her talent and they have developed an excellent, on-going relationship. With his mentorship, I have seen an immense improvement in her routine, on stage performance, and her attitude toward her chosen career. He has become a wonderful friend and mentor, sharing his professional wisdom and experience to improve her abilities and showmanship. For the first time in her young career there is a support system, real opportunity in comedy, a place in her mind secure in the knowledge that her skills do have an achievable market and there are people in the show business that truly care about mentoring the “up and coming”. She has attacked and improved her career with enthusiasm since meeting Louie. As stated earlier, I attended the LA boot camp as an observer and non participant. Louie and Kyle are doing the most amazing thing by infecting the group with the power of positive thinking, harnessing individual effort with enthusiasm to create a hugely powerful force. The difference in performances from day one to the final showcase is a truly amazing transformation. They criticize with brutal honesty in a constructive voice, the passion Louie and Kyle show for helping others see their full potential is completely real. I believe they have an incredible gift of mentorship and will be rewarded a thousand times over. I came away from boot camp and retired my dream of a comic career. I realized the creative effort and unrelenting schedules are far more of a challenge than I want to exercise at this stage in my life. I discovered my role as a cheerleader and support system are important and appreciated by not only my daughter, but her professional pals as well. I thank Louie and Kyle for facilitating that late life lesson. I can’t wait to go to another boot camp to see all the talent, catch up with friends and make some new ones and experience the incredible Boot Camp energy again.
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Sep 14, 2010