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Interests: I have always been interested in building things, seeding things, curious about how things work, and how the Internet evolves from a perspective of technology and social science. I created this blog to share my views, observations, opinions, experience, and try to address some basic questions pertaining to: - Marketing paradigms - Marketing trends - Branding - Strategy - Word of mouth marketing - WOMM - Social media - Information technology - Business models - Open innovation - Open source - SaaS - Ajax - Web 2.0 - Start-ups - Networked world - Theory in practice - Frameworks - Software - The network. My other interests are exploring the upper Potomac River north of the Great Falls dam by boat and bike. Windsurfing. And reading as many non-fiction books as possible.
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Mar 15, 2010
Hi Randy, Thanks for sharing your view. Without a question. I've often wondered if another reason why over 90% of all product / service initiatives fail is the lack of adequate social science in the marketing phase of the business planning process. Not understanding of the want/need/problem from a human factor. P.S. I am very familiar with Kanata, Canada (…from my days at Newbrige Networks). ...cheers
I came across a couple of great articles by BusinessWeek on widgets. Moreover, the implications of widgets on WOMM, branding, and spreading the message. Apparently widgets have caught the attention of the investment community. To learn more, click on:
Just confirming support of that cool Web 2.0 web-based e-mail application - Zimbra - I cited. The Zimbra web client is compatable with the iPhone. You can find more on Zimbra official blog. Kameran A.
Google acquisition of Grand Central has been confirmed. I was on a call with Marisa at Outcast PR (OutCast Communications), and she informed me the deal was officially announced on July 2, 2007. You can read the statement on Google's offical blog. Kameran A.