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At the age of 27, I visited Tibet. At that moment, i didn’t aware of the existence of Kechara in Malaysia. Well, I really have had a fantastic trip in Tibet, both in Lhasa and Shegatse, and managed to visit 3 out of the 6 Gelug Monasteries. Emmm, something that make me feel regret after the trip, i.e. I did not equip myself with good Dharma knowledge, especially in relation to Lama Tsongkapa. Otherwise, I believe I could have been benefited more with an eye opening experience about Lama Tsongkhapa and other deities in the Monasteries. The most interesting experience which I may wish to share, maybe start from the moment I have invited a Shakyamuni Thangka in Tibet. Upon arrival in Malaysia, I have not been able to locate an opportunity or meeting up with anyone who has the expertise to frame the Thangka in traditional way until a day where it was so coincident that I walked-in to Kechara Paradise in Sunway Pyramid during my “window” shopping, that moment on I started my spiritual path as a Vajrayana buddhist. I heartily feel that it is the Shakyamuni Thangka that created this chance for me to start learning and practising dharma!
I feel extremely envious that Kechara did organise a pilgrimage trip to Kathmandu, Nepal. So wish that moment I was there to join for such a holy place. Maybe I like such a buddhism country, I have arranged to visit there in this coming September with friend. A few purposes visiting there, main one is for trekking. Also, to make a simple pilgrimage trip for myself and my friend. We have planned our trip with reference to one of the Kechara publications, i.e. “Vajayogini” and certainly the first destination to visit in Kathmandu is Kechara Lounge (expecting to get more resources there, maybe???) and the rest of the holy places, Naropa's Cave would be one of them too! Also, we manage to get connected with Jonang Buddhist Monastery in Kathmandu through its website of “littlelama”. Our conscience prompt us that we should do something to them. Well, we are now accummulating cash donation from friends and relatives and will convert it to goods and gift to the little lama, hope this would somehow give them some “fun”. To-date, we got USD1K now!!! During the trek, we are ready with our mala bead, to chant for 108x of mantra, both day and night, and dedicate to the natural force. Working hard to memorise the Sanskrit and Chinese heart sutra now! Wonder the surrounding spirits would just sit beside us to enjoy our chanting???!!!
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Jul 9, 2010