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CPDM is a total failure.How can this party be successful to manage a country when they can not even manage thier party.That is why Paul Biya and his party has failed since he took over power.Thank God that they are now fighting among themselves.We have allow the country for you people to do what ever thing you want to do but to the best of my knowledge,the force of nature shall one day stop you people from all this. joe from the hague
Cameroonians should now be aware of who SDF AND FRU are.I think the annoucement from SDF communication officer that the SDF is vying only for 70 seats is a testimony that SDF is not out to oppose the rigime in power but is aimed at the micro project money.For Christ sake what type of opposition is SDF who are already defeated before the election.The power of nature is working on SDF.People have died,lost thier jobs and are handicapped today cos of SDF and a few conmen with thier leader Fru ndi are living at the expense of them.He is not even ashame that the SDF is going in only for 70 seats.You people should better boycot the election cos it is not going to help the country but instead helping the dubious government of the CPDM to deceive the world that there is democracy in the Cameroons.Mr Fru Ndi i will advise you not to go in for the election cos you are more of a regional party leader that is not going to have any impact in the cameroons. joe The Hague
Dear Mr kiki, What i am advocating is an independent electoral body and it should be in the real meaning .So kiki ELECAM is not an independent body.It is just a change of name from NEO which is a change of manipulation by the emotional group that is full of intrigues in the name of a political party(CPDM).These people are all devils because an independent electoral body is not for the interest of somebody but for the nation .So an independent electoral body should be made up of people from the civil society and not only from the CPDM .Thus the ELECAM is a rubber stamp .The opposition parties should know the meaning of opposition .This is one of the aspect that they should be very instumental as opposition not by sending delegates to various constituency to conduct primaries for the forth coming election as the SDF is doing .The SDF kiki is not different from the CPDM.You can not imagine that the SDF also has absentee parliamentarians .These parliamentarians claim that they are representing the people but do not even live in their constituencies .How are they going to know the problems of those that they represent.They spend their time in yaounde lavishing money from MICRO PROJECT instead of using for the purpose that be .This is one of the critaria that the SDF should know in considering those who are to stand for elections when ever there is a conducive atmosphere for an election.Hence the SDF and other so claimed opposition parties should review the meaning of OPPOSITION .This is going to guide them in the near future because the past sixteen year is a failure as an opposition as they claimed .You people should stop fooling illitrate masses. Joe from the Hague
Dear Dr. Tamnjong, Your ideas towards democratisation are real.I do appreciate your advocacy for an independent electoral commission .This is the foundation for a transparent and free election.Without that it is needless for an election to take place and this is what the SDF should take note.The SDF today is considered as CPDM in disguise because they have being accepting the principles of the CPDM by going in for elections when there is no independent body to arbitrate the elections and afterward they start to cry of fraud .This always sounds rediculous because no normal human being will go in for a competition and at the same is the arbitrator and you will expect him to give victory to his opponent .So what i would like to advice the SDF if and only if they are out to change the country is to preoccupy their minds of creating a methodology of how to put pressure on the Biya government to create an independent electoral body.Going in for an election without that is not necessary.Thus you people have to educate the masses by creating workshops of the significants of an independent body rather than going in for an election that will be controled by your opponent.The past elections can best testify .So we do not want to hear you people crying if you decide to go in for an election when there is no independent body.A word to a wise is sufficient. joe from the Hague
Dear mr. Halle, Your views are those of the really lovers of the Cameroons.But it is not needed now because we all know the out come of this coming election .I think the best thing for you to do and other honest cameroonians is to fight for an indepentdent electoral body in which it should be independent in the real sense.This means that SDOs,DOs and elites within the rank of the ruling party should have no control of the electoral process .The process should be left in the hands of responsible people within the civil society.So sir i think your movement from Akwaya to Nkokentujia via Bamenda to Douala and to yaoude is just a waste of time and the government resources.In order for you to be more responsible and respectful then you better give up that function and propose a complete independent electoral commision. joe