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TTimo: I haven't tested libcppa and Theron much myself and both seem a little bit immature, but I will research them further. "ZeroMQ offers bindings for a lot of languages though" that is true but you probably won't use other languages in your project right? I have the same goal as you where responsive gaming comes first. By using another language you probably also get a garbage collection which is a little bit unpredictable. So in theory it will add some delay. Okay the delay is probably very low but might be recognized from professional players. Also by using actors you might get your networking code for free. Because as far as I know is that actors don't care if they are on your computer or on another computer. Thank you for reminding me of actors they might be a perfect fit for my project. Also cap'n proto seems to be really interesting.
I read the article of Pieter Hintjens and if I understood it correctly he basically said that the actor model superior because it scales and it is easy to manage. Now why are you using ZeroMQ over Theron/libcppa which are out of the box actor libraries for c++? Also I saw that you are using sdl2 for window management. I also know valve is using sdl for their linux port. I never really understood why someone would choose sdl over glfw? I hope you could share some insights of why you chose sdl. By the way, this is a very interesting project.
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May 12, 2013