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Karan Kumar
New Delhi, India
Summer blogger and future student at UCLA Anderson.
Interests: marketing, retail, advertising, music, guitar, entertainment
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After having waitied 8 long months since January '11, when I received my acceptance phone call from UCLA Anderson, I have another 72 hours to go before I'm on a plane to Los Angeles! I am literally JOTBWE (Jumping On The Bed With Excitement)! With just 3 days to go, I've pretty much got my bases covered: Visa: My US F1 visa was a tough one to get! Every year, a random group of student applicants get selected for Additional Administrative Processing, which essentially means that the Visa process will take 2-3 months instead of 2-3 days. Well, lucky me, I was randomly selected for the honour of being a part of this procedure! So, despite applying early for the visa (late May), I received my visa this past Monday! Was it worth the wait, tension, anxiety and hair loss? Absolutely. Los Angeles: After careful consideration, I've decided on 4 different books on LA and Southern California, one of them called "Los Angeles and Disneyland for Dummies". After reading the material, identifying relevant content and analysing the data, I realize that LA is spectacular! Pre-Orientation Tutorials & Reading: I have never done accounting before. The only times I hear the words "Credit" and "Debit" are where they precede the word "Card". Therefore, to get in the groove I decided to start really early with the tutorial. With a the help of fellow UCLA Anderson '13 classmate, Anant Rishi, I think the I've made a lot of progress, even though I'm... Continue reading
Posted Aug 18, 2011 at The MBA Student Voice
First of all, just to clarify, I don't have kids of my own. Now, let's continue. I've been working at the LEU Foundation NGO for 3 years now and with closer and closer involvement with the children at the foundation, they've become a part of my everyday existence. And now comes the time to say goodbye to them. * taking the junior class kids out for a movie This past Wednesday was my last visit to the school where the children are taught. I tried to explain to them where Los Angeles was on the map, but they couldn't seem to get the concept of anything beyond New Delhi! I also explained that I was going to study for the next two years and one of the kids actually asked, "You have already studied so much. Are you going to start from Nursery again?" There's a lot that we can do for economically marginalized families. At UCLA Anderson I'm looking forward to the Challenge for Charity (C4C) and I'm very appreciative of the fact that the money raised through this event goes to some excellent voluntary groups that support underprivileged sections of society! - Karan Kumar, MBA '13 Continue reading
Posted Aug 11, 2011 at The MBA Student Voice
Ah! good question! hopefully these videos should help out with this: The "slips" are fielding positions behind the batsmen, not including the guy with the gloves (he's the Wicket Keeper): This shot was "invented only a few years ago and has become very popular now:
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Only a few days ago, I bought a ticket to the Summer Dodger Game. I'm already excited about catching the action at Dodger Stadium in a little less than a month from now! However, I do face one small, teeny-tiny challenge: I've never seen or even heard anything related to baseball in my entire life. Coming from India, baseball is as rare to come by as traffic-free roads in LA. That said, baseball does have a half-brother that we adore in India: Cricket! In my last job, while serving an American client, I decide to educate the folks across the seas on cricket and, in turn, learn something about baseball. Here's some of the stuff I managed to figure out: Cricket Baseball * Players Batsman, Bowler, Fielder Batter, Pitcher, Catcher Scoring 1 run each time 2 batsmen switch places (no limit), 4 runs when hit ball bounces out beyond ropes, 6 runs when it goes out without bouncing 1 run each time a batter covers all 4 bases, Home Run when a hit ball goes out of the ground without bouncing Team Size 11 players in each team 9 players in each team Match Size 1 inning, 10 players out 9 innings, 3 players out Durations 20-20 (3-4 hours), One Day, Five Days ~3 hours Popularity 104 nations 117 nations World Cup/Series 14 nations USA & Canada, so I hear :) * The author does not take any responsibility for any incorrect facts on Baseball. After all, he doesn't have... Continue reading
Posted Aug 4, 2011 at The MBA Student Voice
For a while now I've been wanting to get in touch with UCLA Anderson alumni in New Delhi itself. This past weekend 3 fellow MBA '13 admits and I finally caught up with Anshul Debuka, MBA '11 for lunch as he told a wondrous tale of his time at UCLA Anderson. His experience was great. Talking to him made us realize exactly what we were getting into. He told us about what we could expect in our first 6 months (sounded grueling!) and what we needed to do to get to where we want to be post-MBA. He talked about the collaborative culture at Anderson and the fact that we could expect to have 360 great friends from school by the time we graduate! Topics that came up were classes and electives, internships, recruitments, networking, Parker CMC, Weyburn Terrace, food joints, cars, Hollywood, beaches and Vegas. Also, interestingly, he mentioned "fun" at least 30 times in 2 hours. <unfortunately, at this time, none of us were carrying cameras, so try to imagine 4 happy MBA '13 admits, full of promise, and an MBA '11 alum with an air of accomplishment and satisfaction!> "It'll be the best 2 years of your life!" he said as we parted post lunch. Looking forward to it! - Karan Kumar, MBA '13 Continue reading
Posted Jul 20, 2011 at The MBA Student Voice
Wow Connie! Hawaii looks great! And that traditional Hawaiian platter is amazing!!
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