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Eric Karashinski
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A tiny car shaped like a box of Kleenex just pulled up, and 15 clowns jumped out, each handing me a tissue....
Great finish Sunday. Oriol had a nice run again. It's awful knowing that Indy may be the end for him. Puzzeled as to how he runs three different liveries/sponsors, yet none of them are willing to pony up to keep him running?
Was listening to the Verizon IndyCar 13 app while watching on tv just to listen to in-car radio transmissions. Someone said "what's the over-under on this Vautier/Kimball fight ending in contact? Beer spew. Glad it did not happen. Charlie was a Ninja this race! Vautier is fearless and the real deal as well.
Kinda funny. Was a big ChampCar fan and one of the races at RA I happened to be in the men's room just before a race, turned around from the urinal, and Bourdais is next in line behind me. This is like 5 mins before drivers to cars. Everyone used to claim he was anti-social, but what kind of anti-social driver would be using a public restroom with fans right before a race? Kinda cool. Four time ChampCar champ, and one of the guys as well. I alwaysd pull for the guy.
May want to consider driving them backward (Lotus)all the time for increased speed. Great line!!!!
DRINK,ye CRAZY DESPOT BASTARDS. Easily in contention for line of the year!!!!
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Apr 3, 2012