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"Hidden in the ... user agreement" indeed! How many adults read user agreements, let alone kids under 18?
I have a friend who is a writer. She was working on a history curriculum for fifth grade students and, because of the squirrely educational requirements these days, her history class needed to include a math lesson. So she wrote one, although she professes to be "hopeless at math." Then she sent the math lesson to me and asked me to double-check her answers to be sure they were correct! This is an intelligent woman with a Masters degree! (I have a BA in English, btw.) She's not a best-selling author, but she's been published. Somehow she has avoided bankruptcy and IRS audits. But designing a few simple questions for fifth graders that used numbers seemed to flummox her! I was near despair. Thankfully she did get the right answers, else I might have given up hope. I'm inclined to agree with FrauTech's comment: people have allowed themselves to be intimidated by mathematics, even simple arithmetic. Looking back, I am grateful that my Dad introduced me to baseball when I was nine years old, and taught me to calculate batting averages and even earned run averages soon after. By the time somebody told me that I was supposed to be afraid of math because I'm a girl, I'd gotten pretty good at it.
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Nov 2, 2010