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Karen Garrett
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I feel sorry for the poor souls who were swindled out of their money by DR. SALVINO. He committed fraud, was granted bankruptcy, and then flees to Arizona to run for Congress...What a Joke!!! Mitchell would crucify him! I checked the mail upon returning to town and discovered 2 hit pieces from Ward and 1 from Salvino that spew out nothing but lies about David. This only proves one thing. David is winning and they are running scared and DESPERATE. Way to go David!
Ditto to all above comments. As a 30 Year Arizonan I say NOOO to a San Francisco transplant wanta bee. I say NOOO to a candidate without experience. I say NOOO to a big businessman who thinks that bragging about working for George Lucus impresses me. Sounds a bit LIBERAL to ME! (PS - Small businessmen like David impress me...I've been married to a small businessman for 34 years!!)
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Jul 23, 2010