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My dear Kate, If there is such a thing as deathlessness, your sweet Muki & Ule most definitely have found it. I love how you write about them and can't wait for your book! Thanks Amy for hosting ~ our Mooie is awesome... and so are you!
Changes in behaviour such as a child who usually enjoys school repeatedly feeling "too sick" to go; or a generally talkative child becoming suddenly quiet more often, or a normally quiet child acting out more. Other behaviors such as suddenly hanging around "the wrong crowd", using drugs, or skipping school may be "escaping" the bullying situation. Smart kids, who are common targets, may stop caring about grades. Siblings near the same age can be a good source of information, and can also be sworn to secrecy. If you see changes in their relationships with each other, that could be a subtle sign.
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Apr 6, 2010