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Mar 15, 2010
I've been reading back through the year's posts and subsequent comments about the improvements to the service and am happy to see all of it. I've used TypePad for years for personal blogging and have given TypePad accounts for Christmas, etc., but have only recently begun using it for business reasons and, working with it on that level, have found that it's tremendously robust in some ways and yet surprisingly inadequate in others. I still love TypePad and want very much to keep using it, but of course that's dependent upon its meeting certain functional needs. Many of the basic-but-critical improvements released recently (comments feeds, "next" links at the bottom of the page, etc) are encouraging. But I'm pretty desperately in need of information about what else is coming, in terms of actual functional improvements, so I'm here seeking that. There've been a few posts from Six Apart about upgrades current and pending (though much of it vague) and a lot of great, concrete feedback from users in comments to those posts. But there's a lingering disconnect between the two. Is there any way of knowing which of the users' comments are also agenda items for Six Apart? For instance, improved comment functionality is of urgent importance to me. Many commenters have noted the need for numbered comments and for navigation amongst multiple pages of comments. If these are in the works, it would be good to know, since otherwise I need to look at alternative platforms, and quickly. (And, in fact, does anyone know why there's a nice amount of space between the individual comments here on Everything TypePad but no way to adjust the very poor spacing on one's own blog? If there is a way, can someone tell me what it is? The way the comments run together is, understandably, complaint number one from my community.) Another thing that's been noted by many commenters is that there's no indication of how much bandwidth we're using, even though fees are based on bandwidth. I understand from the comments that this info was once available but is no longer. Is there any plan to restore access to that info? The same goes for the needs for native search (including across multiple blogs in the same account), a more accurate preview, and some form of a support forum, all repeatedly raised. Can we please know if any of these things are being worked on? On the subject of support, another thing I've learned from reading back through the year's comments is that Pro users are supposed to get replies to support tickets in 24 hours. Mine have routinely been responded to on the third day after I open them — then I follow up, and a response to that is again received three days later — which means it regularly takes a week or more to arrive at the answer to a question. That's incredibly frustrating when I'm trying to make business decisions and can't get the information I need in anything at all like a timely fashion. Knowing I'm supposed to be getting answers in 24 hours obviously amplifies my frustration. Like I said, I love TypePad and want to keep using it — if I sound at all like a crank, please know that's the furthest thing from my intention. I'm going to email this to Chris Alden as well, as per his New Year's invitation, and I have filed a few bug reports through support, so I'm pursuing various channels. But I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering about all of this, so I'm asking this here, too. The overarching question being: Which of the suggested improvements are currently in development? And more specifically, what improvements can we expect to see to the comments functionality?
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