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Excellent Article....Now, what I want to know is this....How am I, as a breeder, responsible for the Rottie in the shelter, when I didn't personally put it there? IN all my years of breeding Rotties---and I am not a COE breeder by any stretch of the imagination, only one dog that I have ever had pass through my hands(I got that dogs dam from an idiot who didn't have clue---the bitch came to me pregnant, and I whelped the litter---I did not breed the dog personally, nor would I have, given that she was severely dysplastic) ever ended up in a shelter...and, guess what? That was the puppy the the guy who gave me the dog took back as "payment" for the dog. I ended up going and getting the dog, after it was neutered, and placing it in a responsible home... Again, A) I didn't breed the litter(I did whelp and place it) B) I didn't dump the dog in the pound(the original owner did)...So, how is it my fault, again as a breeder that dogs are dying? It isn't any breeders fault unless they are personally walking that dog into the shelter and dumping it there. Now, let's talk mandatory speutering....Hey, I know, let's make mandatory speutering a law for humans until every single human child has a good about that....Now, all you men step up and have your nuts cut off....Yeah... But, as I type this, I am sitting here in Italy, Rome to be exact....and you know somehting...I have yet to come across a speutered dog...Including my own guide dog, who is a Rottie, who is very much intact and in heat right now....and, guess what...No OOPS litters here... As to the HSUS...Yeah, Whyne really like animals...he has stated more than once that he doesn't. Yeah, they really do alot of good for animals, what with their lies and propoganda....Why not take that money and put it where it is really needed? Not manadatory speutering laws, but low/no cost speutering clinics in poor neighborhoods where people can't afford it. Dogs in rental housing? I moved with me and my dogs into a warehouse because we couldn't find a place to live. When I return to the states? We will continue to live in a warehouse(I came to italy for work, btw). So,let's drop the nonsense. Most folks can't tell a lab/golden mix from the purebred Flatcoated retriever(and, yup, there are huge differences...) but the lies exist....If it aint got double dew claws, it probably isn't a beauceron....alot of those Rotties? Dobweilers, or labweilers...not that they aren't great dogs.. BTW< as a service dog trainer, I don't want someone's cast offs/problems. I want a purebred dog that I know where it came from(usually retired show stock, or hunting stock). I can't temperment test for everything, and I aint about to stake my reputation on a dog when I am not sure it wasn't beaten on by a man with handlebar mustache that wears old spice.... BTW< before you start preaching other orgs? Check your facts....less than 25percent success rate...I have a 90 percent success rate....I'll keep mine... So,there you have it...from the flu ridden bed in Rome Italy, where I have yet to see a stray dog, or a speutered dog...
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Feb 5, 2012