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Karla Nathan
Lawrence, KS
I am a Lawrence, Kansas artist with a love for anything vintage and pretty.
Interests: hobbies: **art (or is that a life force, not a hobby?)** gardening** watching way too much tv** floating around on lake clinton in our boat, especially in the moonlight** writing** collecting old wallpaper and millinery** playing with my little fairy girl, sugarwings** junking/auctions** redoing my home -over and over, it is a work in progress and i hope it never ends** talking (and sometimes singing -badly) to dorkies**
Recent Activity
The babies are doing great, gaining daily, nursing well. So far, this has been the easiest litter I have ever cared for. Typically, there is one rough birth where my heart leaps in my throat and the puppy needs help getting it’s first breath. But each one of these guys... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Cottage Doodles
Ryan always cared about Mother’s Day. He was so proud of whatever gift he chose, and I knew that thought had gone into it. He made me feel very special when he grinned and handed me a dozen roses, a... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at Karla's Cottage
After returning from two days of junking with Angie and Beth, you’d think I’d be satisfied, huh? No way! After all of those months of isolation, I was starved for some good shopping. The trip with friends merely whet my... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at Karla's Cottage
What a colorful bunch of babies! On my birthday, Sugar had nine pups! Well, she started on the evening of my birthday, half were born after midnight. I was up til almost four am. And I have to admit, that at 63, not getting enough sleep seriously makes me feel... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at Cottage Doodles
I have had a lovely birthday today and what could ever be a better present than this? Sugar had a sweet little boy pup with a heart shaped spot on his fuzzy bottom. I collect found hearts and love seeing them randomly in nature I was thrilled to “spot”this one.... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at Cottage Doodles
My friend, Angie, invited Beth and I to visit the old farmhouse her grandma lived in. She and her mom have been restoring it for years. It’s a great mix of original pieces and beloved collections. (Angie had the very... Continue reading
Posted May 3, 2021 at Karla's Cottage
My birthday is in May and Mom used to say “April showers bring May flowers” to me when I was little. I loved it, and thought she made it up just for me. This year, May will be hard, but... Continue reading
Posted May 1, 2021 at Karla's Cottage
We had company! Our friends are now vaccinated and we celebrated together with a pitch in BUFFET style meal! No more fixing an individual plate for each person, we actually all stood NEAR each other, WITHOUT masks, INDOORS, and fixed... Continue reading
Posted Apr 27, 2021 at Karla's Cottage
I have had a rough few weeks emotionally. It started with thinking I’d lost a bag of Ryan’s ashes that I wanted to spread in Indiana while stopping there. Luckily, I found them (put away safely, that is always a... Continue reading
Posted Apr 23, 2021 at Karla's Cottage
There were more fairy family photos to add to the mantel from our wing making event that Miss Tree gifted us with at Solstice. Now, I think I have us all represented over the fireplace. I’ve used a variety of... Continue reading
Posted Apr 19, 2021 at Karla's Cottage
My friend, Angie called me to say she had someone cancel on her and she could use a couple hours of help at an estate sale she was running. (304 E 11th Street in Ottawa, half price on Saturday the... Continue reading
Posted Apr 17, 2021 at Karla's Cottage
Usually, when I go to Florida, it’s either beaches, Harry Potterworld, or Disney. And I go to lots of seafood restaurants. On this visit, I saw more of the inner parts of the state, but I did make drives to... Continue reading
Posted Apr 14, 2021 at Karla's Cottage
We visited quite a few beaches on our trip. Sadly, we did not get to camp at any, our RV campsites were a bit of a drive, but worth the effort. At each beach we walked, I was lucky enough... Continue reading
Posted Apr 11, 2021 at Karla's Cottage
On the way back from Florida, we made multiple stops to see family. One was in Indiana and I got to see not only my own fam, but Sugar’s baby too. She lives with my niece, JoRenda. At first, I... Continue reading
Posted Apr 8, 2021 at Karla's Cottage
Isn’t this oyster shell the perfect little pinafore dress for this sprite? It even has a pocket! And I was so happy to find the striped booties, ready to be slipped onto her tiny feet. Continue reading
Posted Apr 4, 2021 at Karla's Cottage
I have decided that every beach trip should include doodles! What great companions they are. They are almost as much fun as grand fairies. And every bit as enthusiastic as the kids. On our walks up the shore, Molly was fascinated by all of the buckets, shovels and toys she... Continue reading
Posted Mar 30, 2021 at Cottage Doodles
We sure enjoyed the St Augustine beaches! We were able to drive on the sand, and could haul a day’s worth of tents, dog kennels, chairs, etc. so we had everything we needed with us. With three dogs, we couldn’t... Continue reading
Posted Mar 30, 2021 at Karla's Cottage
My girls love the dog beaches. Especially the puppy. The off leash parks are the faves of all of us. Of course I have never met a beach I didn’t like. But I have to admit that Jupiter’s off leash... Continue reading
Posted Mar 25, 2021 at Karla's Cottage
I could not resist having the girls pose in front of the zinnia fields. While driving from KS to FL, we have spent a lot of of time in dog parks with them, I figured they owed me a pleasant stroll through some flowers. They might think this trip is... Continue reading
Posted Mar 23, 2021 at Cottage Doodles
The fun from the wings we made with Miss Tree just keeps on coming. It is special to have an opportunity to play dress up, and go into the woods like sprites. We even attempted to fly like real fairies.... Continue reading
Posted Mar 21, 2021 at Karla's Cottage
These girls might be enjoying the Florida camping trip even more than we are. We have found the most wonderful dog park, and when I saw this marker, I wondered why it hadn’t won best every year, because it truly is. The pretty beach was full of happy families and... Continue reading
Posted Mar 19, 2021 at Cottage Doodles
A bird shaped rock! Isn’t it cool? Well, the front is head, back and wing shaped, the tail part is a second rock and they just kind of slid together perfectly to create a bird. I was so excited to... Continue reading
Posted Mar 17, 2021 at Karla's Cottage
The wing project the Miss Tree gifted the family with at Winter Solstice is a gift that never ends. Not only did we have day after day of fun with creating the wings, I made captured and framed fairies for... Continue reading
Posted Mar 14, 2021 at Karla's Cottage
Sugar has completed her health testing and our status on the site has been upgraded to EXCELLENT! Well, I always knew that Sugar was top tier, what a good dog she is. Earliest date for her F1b golden doodle puppies is May 1st. And I will be keeping you... Continue reading
Posted Mar 12, 2021 at Cottage Doodles
My boy is in town from North Carolina and we love being able to have the family together for adventures. The evening began with some ax throwing out by my husband’s log cabin. We were not only blessed by having... Continue reading
Posted Mar 10, 2021 at Karla's Cottage