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I'm really glad you liked the show, it's always enjoyable to dissect a game, discussing how they either shone or struggled, what makes it memorable and more importantly if it's still the case. I think ultimately the three of us definitely felt that Chaos Theory, more so than the previous two and, had time allowed us (as was originally the plan - perhaps to be discussed in a second trilogy show with Blacklist), to discuss the two after, is rightly heralded as the brightest moment in the great franchises history, but even more so, how it still holds up against more modern interpretations of the stealth genre. Yourself and the team really did excellent work and it's really the least we could do to shower deserved praise upon a game which has not only given us (and countless others) hours of enjoyment, but continues to be a yardstick upon which other games are judged. Thank you, Karl Moon. @NokkonWud
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Aug 28, 2013