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Hmmmmm.... I think I both agree and disagree. Meaning, within my own personal circle of friends, many of the vegans I know are either agnostic or leaning towards atheism. BUT, having been to many wider-ranging events, like veggie food fairs, I can certainly say that MANY vegans I have met subscribe to some type of spiritual or pseudo-spiritual set of ideas that they feel supports their animal ethics. I personally am an atheist and see a great value in communicating that a disbelief in god does not necessarily lead to a moral vaccuum (a la Dawkins). Mary, I think what you write about myth vs. reality is really important, and definitely one of the key ways I also see my atheism and veganism as connected. Still, it makes me think of that quote from the gospels where Zombie Jesus chastises Thomas for not believing he was real without touching his wounds (I was raised catholic): "Blessed are those who had not seen, and still believed." It's an interesting question, don't you think? Do you need to see something (for the sake of argument, animal suffering) to believe it or want to change? Can animal ethics boil down to a (non-spiritual) question of faith? Or do people need to be able to see / otherwise verify animal suffering for themselves to make that change? If so, what does that mean for activism? Thanks so much for the thought-provoking post.
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Dec 22, 2009