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Sorry this is not related but I just saw one of your paintings on a commercial for the newest Paranormal Activity 5: the ghost dimension, which is coming out in the US!!!!!!! It was in a little girl's room. It was large, blue, and NOT unlike the cover of your book. It's the first time I've seen the commercial (almost 10pm EST) on the Travel Channel. Yes, I'm watching the new Ghost Adventures, haha. Even though it's been on in the background since 7pm. Maybe you can find a trailer if you don't have cable/satellite tv. I'm not sure they need your permission (I have NO IDEA how that works) but the commercial will probably start to play nonstop since it's October. I'm the type of person that finds something like that and will track it down. I hope this will be good news for you (and not bad news). I was excited to see it!!! -Karrie
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Oct 3, 2015