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PS re vegetarian status, the chewy Musk Sticks often have gelatin, but the hard cachous, aka mini-musks don't. You should be able to buy them on eBay. Looks like the lifesavers don't have gelatin either, according to Nestle's site: - although who knows what the "flavour" is made from since it's such a mystery what it's meant to be :)
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I'm Aussie and grew up loving musk sticks and musk cachous (also called mini-musks, on which the lifesavers are based). My Grandmother told me a story about musk flavour when I was a kid and asked her what it came from. She said that when she was a girl in the early 1900's, there was a flower that smelled and tasted like those lollies and that's when they first made musk cachous. She claimed that once cars became commonplace, the flower lost it smell and the flavour had to be produced synthetically. It seems like a very bizarre story and I have never managed to find any other reference to it, but the Aussie "musk" flavour certainly does smell and taste more floral than animal-scent like musk-perfume. She was a very keen gardener and knew the scientific name of every plant, so perhaps there was some basis to her story?
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May 11, 2012