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Kat Bryce
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Another good point was posted by Frank Gregroir in his blog Appraiser Active that you should take note. You are slamming head on into USPAP violations taking assignments on a contingency basis. Or should I say a "hit" or a "no-hitter" 3. There will be no fee paid for a “No-Hit”, and no charge to you for returning a “No-Hit” through AppraisalPort. (Note: This product has a “No-Hit” component which means that either it is an ineligible property type or you were unable to develop a credible value. The compensation of $55 takes into consideration that you will from time to time have a “No-Hit”. For more on “No-Hits”, see the report instructions on page 6.)
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OMG! This is too funny. Thank you for the morning humor. Kat
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