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All this angst is silly. Even at $15.98 or the $23.98 we currently pay, it is a quarter of the price of the last cable and satellite plans we had. And we aren't paying for dozens of channels we don't watch. The low price of streaming til now has been a treat but when you see item after item in the news where companies are trying to limit Netflix access to their products the only way forward with diverse offerings is going to be paying more to license the streaming content. As I watch Criterion and Showtime content expire off the streaming content and hear rumors that Starz won't renew their deal, I am glad Netflix is laying the groundwork to be able to pay more for content...I would not want to see streaming return to the b-movie wasteland it was when it first started (and still is on various other streaming sites). All in all when I look at my monthly bills, Netflix is one of the ones I never mind paying, where I feel that I am absolutely getting my money's worth!
Just finished watching Season 1 of Lie to Me. Wow, what a great show, can't wait for Season 2! Also have been working my way through a second viewing of Season 3 of Doctor Who. Looking forward to Girl With the Dragon Tattoo also. Most recently streamed movie: Convoy. Hilarious piece of 70s culture!
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Jul 10, 2010