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Glad you had a great time, my (formerly cockney with the 'oping) sweetie! :) No new years resolutions besides lose weight and look fabulous, get a bit of Paris courage, rule the world, and... I can't think what else! Have you any in mind or are you still thinking? -X-X-X-
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Hi there, Paris, I'm one of your twitter followers. I wouldn't say 'fan' per se - that sounds a little harsh though so let me clarify... I think you're great from all the interviews I've seen you on. You make mistakes like everyone and you own up to them. Generally, you seem like an ou-and-out great lass, and I have to admit, although not one of the Megafans, you're still further up there in my estimation than others I could mention but won't because frankly, I'm a professional and I'm not into bitching about people... At least, not when I can't say it to their faces. Blah blah, the usual, we could be mates, yadda yadda, but as much as I'd love to meet you, I'm not sure the privilege would be reciprocated. I'm a bit on the shy side. I'm not convinced I could stand your pace! I'd love to try though... Actually, chances are that you'll never read this, but I wanted to ask something of you, just in the event it one day passes your eye. When I said I'm not a Megafan, that part's true, but I got to like you as much as I do through my little brother, who IS qhite possibly your biggest fan. He even named his kitten Tinkerbell. (She does have the world's biggest ears, and she's very... active, but I bet you'd love her!) It's his birthday January 15th, and I know the think he'd probably love more than anything is, if not a hug from his heroine, he'd love your autograph. Unfortunately for me, I won't get to see him for months. He's a dancer on the Queen Elizabeth liner, and he's going to be nestled in the Caribbean for god knows how long. So, if you do happen to see this and wouldn't mind sending him an autograph, it'd make his birthday much more than anything else anyone could give him. Anyway, I hope you get to see this, and I just want to say once more, I think you're great. If you ever want a boring chill out day in London, I hope you look me up. :) Take care, angel Kate PS: In case it doesn't speak for itself, the picture's my brother. :)
Dec 6, 2010
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Dec 6, 2010
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Apr 23, 2010