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Well, where to start? We have had a rash of electrical things go wrong. First, the battery went on our house alarm system. Then, worst of all (when you live in wet and windy Lancashire and have children) my tumble dryer stopped working. The very next day, my rice cooker packed up, but that was under guarantee so has been replaced. And of course, the dryer breaks during a wet and windy November when I need it most.
Great pic. :D And totally agree. We always need to stand up to bullies.
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Wow. In awe of cake making skills again....
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I really struggle getting stuff in my size but it's so much nicer when your lingerie fits properly.
I moved North 11 years ago this month and have never once regretted it. I feel the quality of life is so much better here. There are grim places here, but there are grim places down south too. I don't think I could go back now - well, for a start, I've just got my kids into a really good school here and they weren't even born when I moved here! Seriously, home can be anywhere you make it. If you really want to move back there, I'm sure you can formulate a long term plan to make it happen - it may just be that it's not feasible for now, rather than not at all. Good luck.
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15%. I have been lucky enough to go to Titanic twice and it's heaven on earth.
Hi, I am a comper and a blogger so I see it from both sides. Lots of people don't like compers entering on their blogs as they think they just want to duck and run but not all of them do. Getting your comp listed on sites will get you traffic and some of it will stick - this particularly applies to parenting blogs as there appear to be a lot of mums doing comps out there. If you really want more "genuine" entries, make it more involved but not to the extent you mention. I say be as clear and transparent as possible. If your entry is going to generate further contact - via email etc - mention it, and if possible, make it easy for them to opt out either then or after the comp has closed. If you want your comp listed on MSE (which is where I find my comps), please ensure that you yourself don't post it - it is not allowed under the forum rules and it will be removed for self-promotion; repeat offenders will be banned. The best way to do is to ask one of the regular compers to post it for you. I'm happy to do that for anyone that wants it, and so are most regulars; some are on twitter, or you can just PM them via the board. Be also aware that it is common practice for the person posting the comp to give the answer; but if you don't want that done, they will respect that and ask that the answer is not posted on there. This has caused friction in the past, but it's easily resolved. Think that's it. I love comping, although blogging has kind of usurped it recently but I can definitely see the benefit of running a good comp on any site, be it blog or a more commercial operation. Hope this helps.
Great and an unusual idea to keep them all on display. They must pack down small too so quite good to collect.
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Lovely pix. My son spends loads of time outside thanks to the road we live on being very boy heavy but his sister gets bored a lot and comes back in as there are no girls to play with. I have to try to force her outside more.
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Wonderful! Witty and delicious! Would really LOVE to win that Kitchenaid, I lust after them. :)
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We used to go to Torbay a lot as kids and my sister lives there now. There is Paignton Zoo, if you like zoos. There is a model village in Babbacombe which kids love but your 11 year olds might feel that that's a bit young for them. There's a steam railway that goes from Paignton to Kingswear. i think there is another over at Buckfastleigh. We also used to do a trip up onto Dartmoor. You can also do a trip down to Plymouth - not a pretty town on the whole, but you can see the Hoe etc.
OK, I thought I just entered my details but could you add me and sorry if this appears twice. @kateab on twitter
Hi Sally, could you add me please Cheers
Can hubby not take her to toddler groups? I worked two days a week for a while after the kids and mine had them on Wednesdays. Part of their routine was to go to a local toddler group. He felt a bit odd at first because he was generally the only dad there but he got used to it. I used to go to another toddler group, in the school where 5yo now goes, and there were quite a few dads there with their charges. Just a thought. I think it's always going to be hard where you're working and the care is down to your OH. Perhaps you could talk to OH about whether he could get out with her more? I really shouldn't worry about nursery or pre-school. 5yo didn't start at one until he was gone 2 as I was already pregnant again when I went back to work and so we managed in the few months I was back there before going off again! It might not be as hard as you think. Basically, don't assume any of this makes you a bad parent. It's the hardest thing you'll ever done and there is no paid leave. :)
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Mine was a total bargain, £7 from Asda. Anyway, I got a slow cooker recipe book from my kids for some occasion and the one thing it said that was really useful was to get the liquid up to a boil before putting in the slow cooker. I was often just chucking it in at room temp but all their recipes do this and it does give better results, and in some cases, means you don't need to whack it on to high. I often put mine on at 9ish in the morning and it's very ready by 5 when mine tend to eat. It's definitely better on the energy. Ovens use kilowatts of power and for an hour or two, that adds up quickly. I believe they use about the same amount of electric as a light bulb, which is a fraction of the energy of an oven. Even being on for 8/9 hours means it's more efficient than an oven or a hob.
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Ha, ha! We went to Barcelona in April without a camera but we cracked and bought a new one, which we desperately needed anyway.
Toggle Commented Jul 7, 2010 on The Gallery: Holidays at Rosie Scribble
I am a lot like you. I am the hard, cool, non-emotional one. Some people think I am heartless. Since becoming a parent tho, I have become more emotional (tho I do still hide it a lot). Writing my Gallery entry this week was really hard tho, I don't think I've ever cried so much before over a photo and some words. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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