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Kate Bornstein
New York City
I am a queer and pleasant danger, and my time is coming.
Interests: itunes, photoshop, traveling, death, and anything mac
Recent Activity
Ever since Time Magazine proclaimed a “Transgender Tipping Point” a year and a half ago, I’ve been exploring trans identities and expressions that aren’t included in mainstream acceptance—because as a nonbinary trans person, I have yet to occupy any mainstream... Continue reading
Dear fabulous you, I’ve been pretty quiet on social media for some time now, and I’ve so much news to tell!! First off, I’m alive and well. And three years ago I wasn’t sure I’d make it to see 2016.... Continue reading
I'm so glad to be out on the road again with some old favorite performances and workshops, as well as some brand new material. I'll be blogging soon about what exactly I'm up to—but here are some dates for now.... Continue reading
Hello Dear Friends, Family, Allies, and Simply Curious, I'm happy to say that my cancer has been in remission for nearly a year and a half. My strength and stamina continue to improve—and that means I'm ready to hit the... Continue reading
Hiya. I'm SO PLEASED that I'm well enough for another round of tours. Winter is almost fully booked, and my agent and I are still working on spring. If you see that I've got a free day in or around... Continue reading
Leslie Feinberg, Revolutionary Communist, & beloved Transgender Warrior click for: Obituary by partner & spouse, Minnie Bruce Pratt, Continue reading
I’m delighted to write that my lung cancer continues to be officially in remission, and my leukemia has dropped back down to Stage 0. So, here I go… heading back out on the road for a fall touring season. Continue reading
Baruch Performing Arts Center presents GenderFluid, a weeklong festival of performance, film, and art by transgender and genderfluid artists, Sept. 9-14. Featured performers include Emmy-nominated Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox, performance artist and Gender Outlaw author Kate Bornstein, Andy Warhol superstar Holly Woodlawn, stand-up comedian Ian Harvie, and more. Continue reading
First, here's a video (shot by audience member, Jim Fouratt) of Barbara Carrellas presenting & Kate Bornstein accepting the 2014 Lambda Literary Award. The text of both their remarks follows. Barbara Carrellas Remarks, Presenting Lambda Literary Pioneer Award to Kate... Continue reading
Background: There’s been a firestorm around the word “tranny,” which has been extended to “she-male,” and even to “gender outlaw.” I thought I’d covered all the bases on my stand on tranny five years ago, in this blog post: Continue reading
Today is Monday, 5 May 2014. As of today, you have raised $22,181.00 to help Kate #StayAlive! Our goal is $75,000. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. xoxo Hello friends and family, This is Barbara, Kate Bornstein’s partner... Continue reading
I began this blog on Sunday, Feb 16. I wrote that it was a bleak winter’s day in the city. You couldn’t really walk the sidewalks, you more or less had to shuffle along without lifting your feet. Storm after... Continue reading
Hello, Dear Heart My lung cancer is back—not in my lung, but in some lymph node. Here comes surgery, chemo, and radiation again. Now, kindly allow me to put this in a perspective and context that I promise is NOT... Continue reading
Dear Twibe, Here’s the bullet: The docs have scanned me, and the scan came back and it says two wonderful things: 1) There are no new cancer cells in my body and 2) The places where there was cancer have... Continue reading
Dear Heart, It's been just over three months since my robotic lung surgery. Doc removed the top third of my right lung. Last Thursday, I got the results of a new PET CT. The good news is they got all... Continue reading
Dear Readers and Friends, Family and Tribe, I've got bad news and wonderful news. The bad news is that I've been diagnosed with lung cancer. The wonderful news is that the docs found it by accident, and the tumor (singular)... Continue reading
I've been working on a new version of my touring workshop. This one's called: World Peace through Gender Anarchy & Sex Positivity I tried out early versions of the workshop at both the Queer Arts Festival in Vancouver, and at... Continue reading
Dear Hearts, Here's a rough cut of my fall/winter schedule up to the end of the year. I'll add details as I get them, and there are several dates still pending. xox Kate Monday, Sept 10 online 7pm, BST: I... Continue reading
Note: I officially hate the layout on this page. I wrestled with it for an hour. Yes, I'll be switching to a better blog thingie as soon as I can. Meanwhile, please join me at these fun places. xoxo K... Continue reading
Thank you, Kirsten. That's saying a lot, and I'm breathing while I take it in. Tell you what... I can hear what you're saying, knowing that you hear this: it takes one to know one. Fair? xoxo K
The gender workbook update is written and laid out in a final draft—everything but the acknowledgements. Since this is a crowdsourced book, I've thanked YOU in the dedication—yep, it's dedicated to twibe. Now, I'm asking for your input one last... Continue reading
Hi all. Sooooo sorry I've neglected to comment back. I'm on deadline for the next book—update to My Gender Workbook that came out 15 years ago. Thanks for all the love. It keeps me going. Big love right back. xoxo K
Last night, I was asked to speak at Congregation Beit Simchat Torah, my synagogue in New York City. I go there when I'm in need of solace or succor or someplace with peaceful family. Well, it's an LGBTQetc inclusive congregation,... Continue reading
I tired posting this review to but the internet machine got in the way of me posting it there. So I'm writing it here, because this is a great fucking book. I mean that in every great sense of... Continue reading
YES! The tat's in my own handwriting. hehehe. Thank you for ordering the book. I hope you enjoy the read. And thanks for the good wishes for my kids. xo K