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In MLA, you can do a frame citation. Raymond H. Clines and Elizabeth R. Cobb adapted frames for APA use in their book Research Writing Simplified. However, I've never seen it in an APA manual. It's where you cite the first sentence and the last sentence, and everything in-between is part of the multi-sentence paraphrase. Viglione (2010) writes that cross-pollination and fusion of musical genres over the last 2 decades has exposed children to a diversity of musical styles. Technology has also made possible the distribution and sharing of music in exciting new ways. Music is shared through social media sites, analyzed and tailored for the individual listener via sites like Pandora, and simply given away by musicians on their websites. As a result, in the future, children will likely develop eclectic musical tastes early and expect a diversity of musical styles at younger and younger ages. (Viglione, 2010) Is this acceptable? Thanks for your help.
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May 15, 2018