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Wow, this graphic becomes especially vivid when I think about the bad cultures I've had the misfortune to work in. It becomes very clear how poor leadership with a veneer of entitlement affects the culture throughout the organization. When I think of the more positive environments I worked in earlier in my career, I don't think the point was quite as visceral. I might not have been able to see your point so clearly using the more positive environments as a reference point. At the same time, I'm not entirely sure the pyramid, right side up or upside down, is exactly the right analogy. Seems to me that organizational culture depends on a lot more than just a few people at the top.
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Bob, I recommend checking out HootSuite. You can easily manage your tweets, see your mentions and direct messages, and shorten your links. The Android app is great too -- it pops mentions up on my phone. And I concur with Jindo Fox -- conversations on Twitter are important too.
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Apr 1, 2010