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Interests: People! Do you have an interesting virginity loss story that you would like to share? email me at: All names changed.
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I think so too Ruta - thanks for commenting and sorry for the delay! I forgot I disabled comments….duh.
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Dear Girl in London Thank you for taking the time to write this lovely, thoughtful - and very true - comment. Kate
Jo, you communicated all of that so well in your story and thats what inspired me to post it again, because it made me feel wistful for younger years in just the same way! Not that being older is worse. On the contrary, one gets to a stage where you realise in many respects that youre far more content having travelled a few miles down the road than you were when you were younger but first love is….well, you cant repeat it can you. As a creative person, you know that everything you mention below is also amazing inspiration for more creative work so dont stop writing because youre really good at it. Nora Ephron wrote really well on the subject of using ones life experiences for inspiration. Theres a great quote about it somewhere...
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Ha, that is so great! Thanks for sending...
Thanks Dani!
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Gosh, youre right, that is a first. Thats the oddest story Ive ever read and the comments section is something else. Thanks for sending it Chris.
Toggle Commented Apr 28, 2013 on It's only rock n roll... at The Virginity Project
Gosh, youre right, that is a first. Thats the oddest story Ive ever read and the comments section is something else. Thanks for sending it Chris.
Toggle Commented Apr 28, 2013 on It's only rock n roll... at The Virginity Project
Hi Andrea, apparently you can buy it from that page but have to click the little plus sign to get alternative versions. Here is a direct link: You should also be able to get a refund for the other book by going to Manage Your Kindle, and clicking the Actions button next to the title return, and selecting Return for refund. But if you have any problems, just let me know and I will put you a book in the post! With best wishes, Kate Monro
Andrea, thanks so much for bringing this to my attention. Ive emailed my publisher who will be able to sort it out. Its the London Book Fair this week so they may be out of the office today but worst case scenario, we can send you a print copy of the book if that helps? Ill mail you as soon as I hear from them but sorry that youve had this problem!
On the contrary Eugen, I think shes simply angry, as many women are that we live in a culture where 1 in 3 women in this world will be raped in their lifetime. And that an upcoming generation of youth are extremely flippant about that. Do you have sisters, a girlfriend or a mother? Because even if you are not a woman, this affects you too. That Amazon was recently selling T-shirts that said Keep Calm and Carry on Raping is a worrying (not to mention stressful) development for most women. If the tables were turned, perhaps you might hate women but I think women, including Natalie Vaught - are pretty forgiving and flexible people on the whole. But that doesnt stop us from being angry. Dont get the two muddled up!
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You are welcome. It is time to bust a few myths and this is one of the biggest. Its something that I may look into exploring in a feature if youre ever interested in contributing, do drop me an email!
Hey Ingrid, thanks for the digital big up, much appreciated!! Can you point me in the direction of CC MacKenzies blog? Im intrigued.
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Natalie, I hear you and agree with you on many points but I dont think this is your man. He didnt mean that men should choose whether or not women have sex with them. Rather he was making an observation about how it is primarily a womans choice whether or not sex takes place, as it should be. There are all sorts of retrogressive twats out there who feel perturbed by that but I think this guy justworded his thoughts a bit clumsily.
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A good question and the answer depends on how you define virginity loss. Virginity is all in the head as far as I am concerned but then Ive never been judged for its loss so I can afford to say that. Not everyone (women mostly) has that luxury.
Come back and visit again anytime Rochelle!
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Dont worry, it rained here yesterday...but it *was* pretty Greek rain...
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2011 on Life is but a stage.... at The Virginity Project
Im totally with you on this one, it practically cracked my heart in two reading this. I think hes very brave to express his feelings so eloquently and it makes me think hes much more of a man than he realises.
Toggle Commented Aug 26, 2011 on Man Up at The Virginity Project
D, you have no idea how universal this story is. Its almost like the mantra of the 21 year old man. I get sent SO many stories just like this one. I doubt it helps to know that but perhaps it helps to know that youre not alone. Search under the appropriate section on my blog and you will find stories from young men who have taken the path you are considering and find out how it panned out for them. But also consider this....there are all sorts of different people in this world - there are those that make you feel great about yourself and those that dont. The right woman for you will not make you feel crap about this. The right woman will usher you through this doorway with kindness and consideration, possibly even excitement. Keep your mind open. Everything could change when you least expect it!
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Hey Ellis, thanks for good wishes. Best of luck with your exams and let me know what you think of the book!
Hey, thanks for that, I really appreciate it. Very best London wishes to you!
I havent quite got into the matchmaking business yet Big Mick but it could be on the cards..
Lovely to hear you Joanna - we must meet and yes, will def let you know about photos! xx
Charles, I think its important to preface your words with in my opinion because this is, after all, just one point of view when it comes to the importance - or not - of virginity. Some might argue that it has a more practical provenance i.e. a womans virginity was one way of ensuring that property got transferred to the correct heir and not some interloper. Marrying a virgin was a good way of doing this. Its also critical to remember that judging a womans virginity - if we must judge at all - on whether or not she bleeds is ridiculous. Lots of women were not born with hymens and for those that were, they can be broken in all sorts of non sexual ways - long before she has sexual intercourse for the first time.
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Thanks Bill. Having written this blog for almost 4 years and researched the book for 5, this point has become apparent to me along the way!
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The Virginity Project is now following Bill Van Loan
Mar 29, 2011