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Kate P. (aka Sparkle Tart)
I am a collage - a collection and reflection of every idea I've ever found inspiring, every technique I've ever seen and all the beauty I see in the world. Within me and my work, these things are merged, reflected and somehow become the unique being that is me and the unique form that is my art! I see the world differently to many, I am constantly amazed by the beauty around me. I like to express myself through art - I stamp, I journal, I colour and I create. I love my life and the part that art plays in it. I enjoy learning new things and teaching others new things - I love sharing the WOW moment.
Interests: gardening, card making, cooking, copics, art journaling, mixed media and growing orchids all keep me busy.
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Not impressed with your first try at DIY wax seals and frustrated because the image just doesn't pop? One of the questions I get asked most often is How do you highlight your wax seal impressions? What pens or powders do you use? In this post I'll show you, the pens and powders I love best (and personally use after much testing) and my tips and recommendations for great results. I'll also share my favorite must-have products for highlighting Wax... Continue reading
Oh good tip Loralea - thanks for mentioning!
Thanks Tiffany - glad you found it useful :)
Oh that's great to hear, and it's my pleasure! I've become slightly addicted to making these lol - I think's it's watching the wax melting that I find so mesmerising!
Want to learn how to create fabulous old-fashioned wax seals? I promise it’s easy! Here’s everything you need to know to use a wax seal stamp to make your very own personal wax seals. Wax stamping is an easy and elegant way to add a timeless and old-world charm to your letters, wedding invitations, parcels, pages, planners or anything else that sits still long enough to attach your wax seal! You can achieve beautiful results on the first try and... Continue reading
I have the Currents palette now and I think I'll be removing some of the shimmery half pans I don't use much to fit them in. The swatch sheet size will depend if you leave the extra white mixing palette in the container or remove it, so I cut mine to fit inside it.
Come and check out my DIY Pantry makeover, completed in style and on a budget, using the new Cricut Explore 3 and inspired by The Home Edit. I'll show you all my tricks and share my very best tips for working with those fiddly little letters! So hands up, who else has been binging Get Organised with The Home Edit on Netflix, I might have become the tiniest bit obsessed (I even bought the book!)with the amazing Clea and Joanna!... Continue reading
Hi Mary - sadly no they are not 'all' going to fit in the container, I was debating ablout having a seperate storage option for the metallic colors as they are not really part of the 'rainbow' and this might force the issue. And no not upset about reorganising them at all, plus I still have the original swatch cards so I know what went where if I ever change my mind :)
Hi Wendy _ I have finally acquired the missing Current set and will upload this extra info when I can - apologies I've not been well since Christmas so have not been able to do as much as I'd like :( Keep an eye on IG @k8palmer as I'll announce on there when done
Oh good idea Ellie - I might laminate once I have the last set :)
Hi Rebecca - no I don't have a store, please check out
Thanks Chris - Don't give up yet, a knife sharpening store maybe able to sharpen the blade!
Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it :)
Join me as I learn to use my brand new Cricut Maker machine to create DIY tabs and titles for my planner. These are all projects you can make with your Cricut Maker right out of the box, all you will need is a little vinyl in the colors of your choice. The last 18 months have been challenging (I think we can all agree) and have made me realize the absolute importance of self-care, something I've been pretty awful... Continue reading
Hi Sandra - apologies but there is no way for me to answer that (in a useful way) without buying that rotten last test to swatch out all the colors - it's sadly impossible (as I found out) to accurately assess the colors from the packaging photos. I have a horrible feeling I'm going to need to find that blue set so I can finish the chart for you all oxoxo Watch out Amazon here I come!
Hi Julie - I've been there :( This post may help a little but dealing with those piles of stuff in an ongoing struggle. My first suggestion is take a look at what is in the pile, is there a bunch of similar stuff advertising, half finished projects, bills? For now grab some small storage boxes and sort the stuff into groups if similar items. Next, ask if you actually need the stuff - be ruthless, throw away everything you can before it becomes part of a new pile. Then consider how you can stop all the stuff becoming a pile (way easier that dealing with the piles let me tell you!) - the piles on my craft desk seem to multiply if I leave them too long. Finally set aside 5-15 mins each day to sort the new stuff coming in (so it doesn't become a pile) and work on what you already have - make it a number that doesn't seem too terrifying for you. It will take a while but you will get on top of it.
Have a look around your studio or maybe even your house, are things feeling a bit cluttered? Do you have a pile of art, layouts, cards, or canvases waiting for attention, pages that need to be added to journals, kids artwork from the last 10 years or so, a stack of paintings from that very generous friend? If you love art, you’ll probably love having a home full of it. I do! For the last few months (you may have... Continue reading
OK so if you follow me on IG you would have seen me cleaning up, and cleaning up and still cleaning up my craft room over the last 12 months. I've had to come up with some unlikely craft storage ideas and solutions to cope with my stash as it’s no secret that crafting can take up a lot of space. Beginner and seasoned crafters alike will amass all kinds of creative materials that they use for most, if not... Continue reading
Recently I was lucky (so so lucky) to be sent a fabulous box of the most amazing metal castings from Mitform, as part of their Toolbox program. I wasn't sure what to expect as I hadn't seen or used these before but to say I got a surprise is a bit of an understatement! So let me tell you a little about these Mitform Castings and show you my very first project using these beauties. TO start with these are... Continue reading
Artist's Block is real and experiencing artist's block can put you in a difficult position as you need a constant flow of creative juices to create new art. Finding inspiration to encourage you to create these new pieces can often seem impossible, but here are nine of my favourite creative ideas that might just help you overcome your issues and get back on the groove. So, if you would like to find out more, read on to uncover 9 useful... Continue reading
Did you know that arts and crafts can be dangerous!!! Just think of all the times you almost stabbed yourself with a bookbinding needle, almost took a sip of your paint water, or burned your hand on hot embossing powder or a heat tool! Yes, art and craft can be a dangerous hobby! So let's take a quick look around the studio and look at a few quick tips to hopefully prevent some pain and perhaps crafty injuries, read on... Continue reading
Hi gorgeous people, today I'm playing with some wonderful new Watercolors from self-confessed art supply addict Jane Davenport. I know I know, Don't I have enough watercolors already - well maybe yes, but these have something the others don't - a fabulous little wrist band and palette so you can have both hands free to paint and hold a journal! I'm going to begin with a quick review of the products, because with a price of $58 Australian you may... Continue reading
Aww thanks so much Janet - that's exactly what I hoped for when I wrote this oxoxo
One Palette to RULE them ALL! The dream of many a Prima Watercolor Confections lover out there - well I did it (almost)! Hello gorgeous people! I've spent much of the Coronavirus lockdown swatching my watercolors, it seems I have a few more than I thought! It turns out I have quite a few Prima Watercolor Confections, (I'm only missing one set - Currents). For those who haven't seen these, the Prima Watercolor Confections are creamy watercolors that come in... Continue reading